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Vega X380 Helmet with Bombs Away Graphics Review


    If you have already chosen the perfect motorcycle for you, to use in your daily activities of for your completion , then the next thing you should do is to choose the right accessories that will complement the motorcycle. A good helmet is one that will keep you safe, is washable and is beautifully crafted just like the Vega X380 Helmet with Bombs Away Graphics. Helmets are good for head protection.

    It is recommended that you wear a helmet every time you ride your motorcycle even if it is just a short ride. I personally use the Vega X380 Helmet with Bombs Away Graphics as I like open face helmets, the interior is also very comfortable and it is worth every penny.





    ABS thermoplastic alloy shell


    13.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches


    Perfect for both men and women

    Perfect For:

    Cruiser, scooter, moped, ATV, UTV or street bike


    US DOT FMVSS 218 safety regulations

    It is light in weight

    The helmet weighs 2.3 pounds and is made up of ABS thermoplastic alloy material which accounts for the weight. The weight will make you feel comfortable to use every time you ride your motorcycle. Unlike other helmets which are cumbersome to use.

    One of the reasons given by motorcyclists for not wearing helmets has been that the helmets are too heavy. This is true as you need a helmet that you will get used to wearing as soon as possible.

    It has a classic retro look helmet

    A good looking helmet is hard to find, it is even harder for you to find a good looking helmet which functions like it is supposed to. When I bought the Vega X380 Helmet with Bombs Away Graphics, I fell in love with it because it functioned correctly and was very good looking.

    It is important for the helmet to be good looking because it complements the motorcycle plus all the other accessories.


    The Vega X380 Helmet with Bombs Away Graphics comes with a standard Optional 3-Snap flip shield, 3-Snap shorty shields and a variety of 3-Snap visors available. These accessories can be of different colors and are good for use when it is dusty or windy.


    The Vega X380 Helmet with bombs away graphics is low profile and meets the US DOT standards for motorcycle helmets. This means that manufacturers of motorcycle helmets for road use in the U.S. give the motorcycle helmet a test and certify them.

    The manufacturer then puts a permanent mark on the helmet signifying the DOT emblem meaning that the helmet is certified. This certification serves to confirm to customers that the helmet has been tried and tested for its functionality and efficiency in crash situations and tough weather.

    Important Features:

    • Removable head liner
    • Suitable for for Men & Women
    • Deeper retro fit shell


    • Comfortable
    • Splendid graphics
    • Fits well
    • Easy to accessorize


    • Inadequate head ventilation
    • Coating peels off easily

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: Is the artwork done the same on both sides of the helmet?

    A: Yes the artwork is the same on both sides.

    Q: What is the size scale?

    A: The sizes fall into the categories small, medium and large which in turn have their own subcategories

    My Verdict

    The Vega X380 Helmet with Bombs Away Graphics has a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 suggesting that customers love the product and I do too! If you want the most comfortable light weight and good looking helmet, then this is the product to buy.

    In addition to the listed features, the Vega X380 Helmet with Bombs Away Graphics has a super absorbent and anti-microbial interior liner which provides exceptional comfort.

    It can be removed and washed and has an excellent design to custom fit within the helmet shell which makes it the best. So get this product at amazon now for a guaranteed great prize.

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