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Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet Review


    The Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Helmet is truly outstanding because of the three advantages of elegance, comfort, and convenience. With respect to its utility value, this helmet surpasses ordinary standards due to its robust construction and the superior functional appeal of its Bluetooth integration.

    If your concern is to find a cozy and lightweight helmet for long rides, here is a helmet that only weighs 5 pounds and fits easily on your head because of its laser contoured liner padding. This product has a strong assurance of impact absorption because of the dual density EPS system, which also guarantees its durability. Here are some important features:





    Thermo polymer


    10.2 x 8.7 x 11.4 inches


    Adjustable flow-through ventilation

    Perfect For:

    Any type of street motorcycle


    ECE and DOT Certified

    Dual Density EPS For Enhanced Impact Absorption

    You will notice that the Torc T14B helmet has a stronger assurance of safety because of its aggressive design that features the dual density EPS. Without a doubt, the ingenious Torc designers sought to reinforce the impact absorption capacity of the T14B. In case of mishaps on the racing track, this features to protect you from the force of impact.

    Compared to other helmets within its price range, the Torc T14B is more robust and durable. The manufacturers sought to fortify it against the most intense shock and impacts that you might expect on the racing track, tarmac, or rugged terrain. You do not have to worry about head and face injuries with this helmet.

    Bluetooth Integrated Shell For Safety And Pleasure

    In every respect, this product was designed to address the needs of stylish riders. Unlike what you would expect from a substandard helmet, the Bluetooth integration of this helmet pairs well with your smartphone and gives you a fully immersive experience of a leisure ride.

    Many customers appreciate the working quality of this helmet because the quality of sound remains top-notch despite your speed and the distraction of the wind. This is the type of helmet that you might want to wear on a long distance leisure ride through the countryside. Some customers consider it appropriate for general touring.

    Drop-down Visor For Sunny Days

    When it is sunny and you still want to ride on your usual long stretch for some hours, the T14B helmet makes this very convenient for you. The designers included a drop-down visor that protects your eyes and face from the intensity of the sun's rays. Keep in mind that the blinding ray can compromise visibility.

    The drop-down visor is designed to work easily so that you adjust it appropriately to suit your preferences. You may have to think of this helmet as a handy tool that you need during competitive racing. In this regard, the visor gives you the competitive advantage that you need to stay ahead of the rest.

    Long Battery Life For Convenience

    Battery life remains one of the lingering concerns in the minds of many customers who express interest in the T14B. Regular users contend that the batteries can last for more than a week when fully charged. This advantage allows you to enjoy the full advantage of the ride without worrying about the battery.

    Besides, a long battery life is highly convenient for riders who are accustomed to regular long hour rides far away from home. You need a battery with such a long-life on your Bluetooth integrated helmet if you aspire to enjoy your trails all the time. This helmet is what you need for adventure riding for several days away from home.

    Fully Removable Inner Liner

    Another unique advantage of this helmet is that it is very easy to maintain. This is because it is designed with a fully removable inner liner that is machine washable. This means that you can keep it clean and fresh after a long sweaty ride. Remarkably, the liner does not develop an odor after washing.

    Moreover, the liner does not lose its fine texture despite the frequency of the washing. You do not need an expert to remove the liner and give it a perfect wash. That is why many stylish riders and cyclists find this helmet more convenient than many others that fall within its range of price.

    Important Features:

    • Dual Density EPS with Intermediate Oval Profile
    • Bluetooth Integrated Shell
    • Smooth Lock drop-down visor system
    • Advanced thermo polymer alloy shell
    • Removable and machine washable inner liner


    • Robust construction for durability
    • Laser contoured liner for perfect fitting
    • Bold aesthetic enhancements
    • Bold aesthetic enhancements
    • High-quality ventilation for comfort
    • Waterproof material for enhanced comfort


    • Unaccustomed users may find it somewhat complex at first
    • Available in limited color varieties

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: What is the weight of this helmet?

    A: It weighs 5 pounds.

    Q: What is the dominant color of this product?

    A: Flat Back.

    Final Verdict

    The Torc T14B is a robust and comfortable helmet with a perfectly functioning Bluetooth integration system for fashionable riders. Without a doubt, this helmet guarantees a high level of head and face protection for riders. The ingenious designers intended it to make life pleasant for devoted riders who wish to add some fun to their sporting routine.

    In terms of its construction, the T14B is truly superior to many other models that are categorized within its class and price range. It is also user-friendly, lightweight, and compact. Considering its advanced aesthetic details, fair pricing, and multiple utility advantages, this product is highly recommended for sports enthusiasts and leisure riders alike.

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