Tips on Choosing Kids Bike Helmets

Introducing your child into bike riding, wheeled sports like skateboarding, in-line skating and any other sport activity that requires a lot of care always opt for safer helmets. You should ensure that your child has a well-fitted helmet which will prevent them from any injuries and crashes. If you are having trouble picking the right helmet, here are some tips on choosing Kids bike helmets.

We have covered important things that will help you select a suitable helmet for your child. Make sure you go through these tips so that you can get the right helmet that provided maximum protection for your child.

Kids Bike Helmets

1) Consider Size

The size of the kid helmet is the factor you should consider. These helmets are always available for different circumferences. Therefore, for your child to fit in the helmet, ensure you take the appropriate size which closely fits the child.

If possible use a soft tape measure. Take the measurements for your child’s head, record down it down. When you go for the purchase, you will easily acquire the correct size which fits your child’s head.

Since the poorly adjusted helmets are prompt to fail around during the ride, it makes it reduce the protection ability. Therefore, here are some guides for proper size selection.

The best helmet should have the bottom part about two widths away for the kid’s eyebrows. This provides good vision while riding. Ensure a very loose chin strap to give your child an easy time to put on and off the helmet. This makes them use the shortest time possible to get it off.

Ensure a “V” shaped side strap plastic slider around the ear region. This provided a good fit. This shape provides it to be very easy to adjust.

2) Adjustability

The presence of the internal cage inside the helmet ensures a good fit. This internal cage provides good adjustment to ensure the helmet fits in the child’s head. The internal adjustment system provides an easy way for the helmet to fit well in the different sizes of the head.

This is more advantage in that, and you will greatly protect your kid from any injuries. Apart from this, the guide for a better helmet, this quality provides you with very comfortable helmet wear in that. The child greatly enjoys the ride without any worries about the occurrence of the injuries.

3) Consider the Construction

A good helmet for your child always depends on the mode of construction.  There are only two construction modes you should consider. They include the hard-shell and in-mold construction. Note that, they all ensure they protect your kid from the occurrence of the injuries during the ride. Since they all ensure they protect the kid from any crabs, here are their difference which relates to their performance.


Here, the inner foam core and outer plastic shell are assembled together with in-mold-helmets. This fusing them together allows more vents and typically lower weight. This is an advantage in that the helmet tends to be lighter.


In this mode, there are two major types of hard-shell helmets, the lower-end bicycle, and skater-style helmet. The skater style helmet contains a thick plastic shell. This always ensures maximum durability of the helmet. Hard-shell is always favorable for the skateboarding kids. It makes them for the ride very comfortably.

4) Consider the MIPS

This tip for buying provides additional safety features you need to consider when buying the helmet for your kid. Therefore, when buying a helmet for your kid, ensure you opt for the one with good safety protection for your child from any serious crash.

Note that, according to research, the better choice of the helmet under the MIPS factor reduces about 30% of the brain injuries. It has no-obtrusive inner plastic cage attached to rubber anchors. This rubber is the main protective of the brain against the injury. You should always opt for this type of helmet for your child.


Choosing Kids Bike Helmets ensures proper security upon involving in a crash. Whenever you consider the child’s appropriate helmet, safety for the kid would have been solved. Therefore, those are some of the tips on Choosing Kids’ bike helmets. Making your kids very safe during bike riding is the best guide you provide to them. Find the appropriate helmet from the nearest dealer.

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