Three Ways To Make Sure You Are Buying The Right Helmet


    As at now, many states in the country have set a law that when you are riding a motorcycle, you should wear a helmet. In some states, the law only requires you to wear a helmet in special circumstances. Helmets reduce the chances of a motorcycle rider dying during an accident or injuring the most vital part of the body which is the head.

    Just like you, I am aware that there are many motorcycle helmets on the market today and landing the right one could be a little hectic. One thing is for sure, you need a helmet because you already have the motorcycle or you are thinking of owning one in the nearest future. Here are the three most important ways for you to make sure you are buying the right motorcycle helmet.

    3 Steps To Buying The Right Helmet

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    1.Check The Helmets Certification Status

    A great motorcycle helmet goes through a lot of scientific tests and researches before it’s released to the markets. It is obvious that you will not be able to witness all those tests being carried out so that you can significantly pick out a helmet. The only thing that will help you know a helmet has been tested when you find it in the stories a certification sticker.

    It is quite convenient for shoppers like you. How do you know a real sticker from a fake one? There exist organizations that are well known for conducting tests on helmets. If you have done a little research, you must know a few of them. That way, you are sure of what you are getting.

    I’m also sure that you are asking yourself this question; what is it that they really test? The organizations generally want to ensure that helmets meet the required safety standards. By doing so, they test features like peripheral visions and if the helmet is able to withstand collisions. In the US, there is a major organization called the Department of Transport. That is why you need to see a sticker approved by DOT.

    2.Try Wearing Before Buying

    Shopping for a helmet is not that different from buying everyday clothes. This is because you need a helmet that fits you perfectly. In this case, buying online could be risky if you don’t know your approximate size. So if it is your first time, just walk into a store and try before buying one.

    A good motorcycle helmet is comfortable for you. You must feel the comfort. Make sure it will not interfere with your driving. Also, ensure you can wear it for a long period of time. The helmet has to allow the right amount of air you need. The view glasses should give you a clear vision while on the road.

    You should also be able to hear clearly. The materials inside the helmet that is meant for cushioning should be friendly to your skin. If it is strappy, make sure the straps are good for you. Remember one thing, this is not for only helmet but also also all product which you want to buy. That is, you must by try the product before you buy. It may be helmet, phone, dress or ​guitar etc.

    3.When, Where And Why Do You Intend To Use Your Motorcycle?

    By the way, there are different types of motorcycle helmets. Some are designed depending on the purpose of the ride. That is why before buying a helmet, you should be aware of the type of trips you will be making. Some of the reasons for using a motorcycle include; for transporting goods, for everyday commuting, for leisure riding, for carrying passengers and many other reasons you could think of.

    The climatic conditions in which you will be using your helmet also matter as well as the time of the day. The reason why there are many types of helmets it’s because different motorists have different intentions.

    There is no way an anti-fog coated helmet can be used in sunny conditions. Or a highly ventilated helmet in winter. Another factor that, you may assume, is the types of terrain you are likely to encounter.

    For example is it’s a tarmacked highway or a rocky area, you need a motorcycle helmet with a tough outer surface because the impact on such areas could differ with others. Also, paths or roads with bushes or tree brunches that extend to your way may break your face-guard.

    In such cases, you need a high-quality face guard that can withstand all that. Before buying a helmet, are you sure of when, where and why you intend to use your motorcycle? Other factors you may need to understand to make sure you buy the right helmet include the following:

    • The different types of helmets which include; full-face, open-face, modular, hair helmets, off-road helmets, and dual-sport helmets,
    • The helmet sizes and construction,
    • Their price ranges if they fit your budget,
    • Other features like for the style.


    Once you land the best helmet, if you want it to last longer, take good care of it. Use it appropriately. You could do a short research on how to maintain a helmet for you to be well informed especially if you are a beginner. There comes a time when a helmet needs to be replaced. You should also respect that, because wearing a helmet that its lifespan has expired, is dangerous even more than not wearing a helmet at all.

    Pick a motorcycle helmet that complies with both your safety and the laws of the land. I insist that you keep the above information in mind because on this journey to finding the best helmet, you will come across so many. A number of them with have lucrative aesthetics that are simply not authentic. Be careful.

    Having all the information you need before buying a helmet will also help you narrow down easily to the helmet of your desire. You will get to save time, money and go back to your business. In a nutshell, having a comfortable and safe helmet will boost your confidence in such a way that you will be able to relax and enjoy your ride with minimal worries. We want every bike ride to be happy and you to wear a helmet before the ride

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