Ski Helmet: The Most Fashionable Accessory On The Slope


    How does one choose a winter helmet? What are the features and benefits of an ideal ski helmet? What certifications are available for these kinds of helmets? These are some of the significant questions any skier needs to ponder over as they consider a perfect helmet for the sport.

    Though these helmets are similar to the motorcycle helmets, they do differ in some aspects. The design, quality, safety, and comfort are among the major considerations that one must consider.  With an increase in the number of ski helmets in the market and many reviews of top helmets, any potential customer will find difficulties in making a choice.

    Ski Helmet

    Why Should You Wear Ski Helmet?

    Any serious sport that subjects one to injury has its equipment and protective gears that will provide safety and comfort. Skiing is not an exception.  The ski helmets becomes one of the essential tools for any skater. There have been many discussions on wearing ski helmets. Some countries do not allow people to engage in the sport without these protective gadgets.

    Another important benefit of wearing the helmet is protection from injury. Both children and adults should wear them. If you are in helmets, you can skit at high speed since you are not worried about your safety. Helmets also help complement your look. You appear professional if you skit in a helmet.

    Parts Of A Ski Helmet

    Just like the motorcycle helmets, the ski helmet has a number of components. Two are the most important. They include;

    a) Shell

    This is the main part of the helmet. It is made of a sturdy material that is meant to spread the impact energy in case of an accident in the course of skiing. It also helps to protect the head from injury an s a result of abrasion, knocks or contact with sharp objects. Most helmets shells are made from ABS high-impact plastic.

    b) Inner Lining

    The inner lining is designed to absorb impact created as a result of a high impact. This component is made from foam (expanded polystyrene). In cases of high impact, the inner lining can be damaged resulting in a compressed lining. In such cases, it is advisable to change the entire lining.

    In addition to the main parts, they have others accessories that increase the comfort and quality of the helmet. We will examine them starting with the;

    c) Camera

    Some ski helmets come with an inbuilt camera mount. This is an important feature that will enable you to capture your enjoyable moments.

    d) Vents

    Skiing alike any other sport requires some level of comfort. These ventilation holes help remove the sweaty, warm air from the helmet and allow ion refreshing cool air. Most modern designs are fitted with adjustable vents for a comfortable ride.

    e) Goggles

    As you look for your ideal helmet, consider if it is compatible with goggles. Modern ski helmets are made with Google attachment regions. For more information on the type of helmet consult the specialist or the store attendant.

    f) Storage case

    To preserve the shape of the helmet it is important to keep it in a storage/travel case. In most cases, they are sold independently.

    g) Liners

    Removable inner linings are another essential feature, removable liners are ideal since you must wash them to keep them fresh.

    Factors To Consider When Selecting A Ski-Helmet

    The choice of a ski helmet is largely dependent on the preference of the wearer, though there are some factors that you must look into. The following are some of the most important things to consider while selecting your perfect ski helmets.


    When it comes to choice of your helmet, size matters. An ideal helmet should have a proper fit. It should fit you well, though it should not be tight. Adjustable helmets are a better preference to many due to the ability to adjust to your fit. The size of the helmet will largely depend on the size of your head. Before you do your purchase, ensure that you tried fitting the helmet first.


    As a measure of quality, an ideal ski helmet must be certified. Several bodies are charged with the responsibility of certifying the quality of ski helmets.  ASTM F2040 is the certifying body in the US. Check to confirm if they have the ASTM stickers.

    On the other hand, CE EN1077 Is the certifying body for snowboard and skiing helmets. As shop check for the certifications as some helmets bear both certifications. With a certified helmet, you are guaranteed that you a safer in case of high impact force. A certified product will offer more safety.


    Though safety, fit and comfort are the most important features that you should consider, the design is also important. In-molded helmets are sleeker compared to the injection molded helmets. Modern helmets come in different colors and designs from which you can choose.

    As make your choice, look for a design and color that you prefer. The injection mold helmets are bulkier compared to the in-molded.


    Safety comes first, and then comfort follows. You will not enjoy your skiing experience if you are not comfortable. Adjustable and removable accessories enhance the comfort of your helmet. The fit is also critical to ensure comfort.

    Safety guidelines For skaters

    Skiing as a sport has its guidelines that will help you learn faster as well as securing your safety. To enjoy your sport, you must start by wearing all the necessary protective gear. As a beginner, you will learn faster if you are under the instructions of a trainer.

    Never go out skiing alone, you never know what might happen. As you skit, maintain a distance with the rest to limit collisions. Familiarize yourself with the terrain and responsibility codes, as well as the warning signs.

    Skiing is a winter sport that has continually gained popularity. To be able to enjoy your sport, you must have the basic information on how to use and purchase ski helmets as well as the tips on how to learn the sport and ensure you are safe. Ski helmet are similar to motorcycle helmets but are closely related to snowboard helmets.

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