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We are happy to announce the “Besthelmetadvisor Online Scholarship Program” launched by our website. The topic to write on is “How To Stop The Helmet From Fogging Up”. This scholarship program is applicable for every high-school seniors, undergraduate and postgraduate students. The winning entry will get a reward of $2000. We highly recommend the participation of those students who are pursuing their Higher Education in the branches like Marketing, Business, IT, Communications, Health Sciences And Other Related Categories.

Who is the worthy of this scholarship?

The scholarship program has been designed only for the school, college and university enrolled students. Every student has to prove that his study is going on by sending enough documents. The application will be overlooked if he is not student.

Scholarship Application Deadline:

A student must follow the deadline before submitting an article. Article submission deadline is December 15,2017. Than, we will declare the result of the scholarship in January 15,2018. The winner can expect our check delivered to him/her by January 20,2018.

Who are able to apply ?

  • Applicant must be students of any school, college or universities.
  • The studies of the candidate are going on.
  • Students have to have the ability of impeccable writing

How To Apply:

  • checkWrite a creative and informative essay on “How To Stop The Helmet From Fogging Up” between 300-600 words.
  • checkSubmit your essay by emailing us at with the subject “Digital Marketing Scholarship.”
  • checkName of the School/College/University.
  • checkAny document such as student id which can proof that you are a Student.

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