How To Buy A Properly Sized Motorcycle Helmet [Easy Guide]

Are you thinking of getting a motorbike? Maybe, you have one already? The preference for bike transport is rising. Many people are buying themselves a car, and they end up getting late for work because of traffic, how ironic? Using a motorbike is one of the simplest ways to beat traffic.

You just need a tiny space to make your way through to work, and you might impress your boss just enough to grant you a promotion.

That’s beside the point though, riding a bike is fun and convenient, but it equally exposes you to a significant amount of risk. You need to take precautions when riding your bike and wear a motorcycle helmet. equally need to be very careful when choosing your helmet as it is one of the most fundamental protective gears.

do not need just any helmet, but preferably one that can fit you well and give you the comfort and protection that you require. The following are some of the things that you have to consider when purchasing a helmet.

4 Steps To Buy A Properly Sized Motorcycle Helmet

motorcycle helmet

1.Shape of the Helmet

Helmets come in different shapes. When choosing a motorcycle helmet, you should consider selecting a helmet with the shape that looks much like the shape of your head. As such, if you have an oval head, then you should select a helmet that is oval or round. If you have an oval head and you choose a square-like helmet, then your head will leave some spaces at the edge of the helmet.

While that might sound like a good thing, it would be detrimental to your safety. You will need a helmet that would fit perfectly into your head. If you have an accident, a slim fit helmet will hold your head tight, absorbing the shock that would have been created on impact with the ground.

2.Measure The Size Of Your Head

Well, someone telling you to measure the size of your head might sound a bit creepy, right? It probably isn’t the creepiest thing you’ve done, or you would want to do. Yet, this is one of the most important steps of ensuring that you have the right helmet for your ride.

Measuring the size of your head is just like measuring your body right before you place an order for a shirt or dress online. You might be sitting down wondering, how do I measure my head? Well, it’s actually very simple. Take a tape measure and place it around your head, just above your eyebrows.

That section of the head is considered to be the longest in circumference, and it would determine the size of the helmet that suits you.

3.Check the size of the Helmet

Now, you have the shape and the size of your head. It is now time to determine in theory what size of the helmet would fit you. Well, maybe you think that another measuring gig has come around, but not really. All helmets come with company-designed sizes.

The sizes of the helmets are indicated under the specifications of the helmet. The only thing that you will need to do is to compare the measurements of your head against the measurement chart provided by the company.

Through this method, you can be able to select a helmet that has probably the same measurements as those of your head. However, you should know that the measure charts might not provide you with the right figures indicative of the size of your head.

You should attempt to account for the variation in measurements since different motorcycle helmet manufacturer uses different units of measurement. You might get some error arising from the conversion of the measuring units, and this is why you need the following step.

4.Fit The Helmet On Your Head

You might be thinking, why do I need all these steps when I can just try all the available helmets and select the one that fits me? That’s a good question, but you might have to spend about half an hour trying all the available helmets.

Do you have that kind of time? Probably, but following these steps seems like a shorter way to go. Fitting the helmet and having a feel of it is probably the most certain way of knowing that the helmet fits you.

Due to the variations in measurements, you might find a helmet that is the same measurements as your head, but it fits a bit tight on your head. You can also find a helmet with the same measurements as your head, but it feels large on your head.

Just like shoes, a helmet might also have the large and small versions of the same size. Therefore, you might find terms like large and extra-large defining just one size of large. Do not select a helmet that slim-fits on your head.

You might feel like it is squeezing your head, and you might unknowingly cause some head injuries. Select a helmet that gives you a bit of space to afford you just the right amount of comfort you require while wearing the helmet.

Final Words

Motorcycle helmets provide you with the right protection you require when riding a bike. Choosing the right helmet means putting your safety first, which is highly recommended? It is advisable that you do not buy a helmet online, and if you do, you might want to fit it first before accepting the delivery.

Helmets that fit you well into the head gives you the right amount of comfort and space for you to move your head well. Upon impact, your head rests on the inner cushion, minimizing the amount of stress that passes through the helmet to your head.

If your helmet does not fit you well, you might suffer a head concoction upon impact during a fall. The concoction would be coming as a result of you hitting your head within the edges of the helmet, causing you serious head injuries. Therefore, it is safer to take adequate precautions and get yourself the right size of helmet.

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