Electric Bike Vs Traditional Bike

Electric bikes are common among many riders and they have been there for many years. However, other people love traditional bikes over electric bikes. So which one is the right one to buy?

Should you go for the best budget electric bikes or the traditional bikes? Read on to find more details. We have given you a detailed description of both types of bikes so that you can understand better and choose the right one.

Electric Bikes

electric bike vs traditional bike

Electric-bike got motors and sensors assist which has a power of 250 W, 36 V small light powerful and virtually silent that when you pedal it gives you a boost. It also has an in-frame battery of 36 Volt with USB outlet 10.5AH that gives 33 plus miles support.

An electric bike has got a hydraulic disk brakes front and rare. This Tektro brake gives excellent stopping power in all weathers. In addition to this electric-bikes have got puncture-resistant tires.

Quick-adjust handlebars also give the rider a perfect riding position. It is also suited with led lights for safe night riding. Without forgetting it has a stainless chain that requires less oil reducing grit in the gears meaning less wear. Electric-bikes are environmentally friendly as it does not pollute the environment.

it uses batteries hence does not cause global warming and air pollination. It has a higher speed. This, however, allows you to travel faster as compared to traditional bikes. This is very useful for commuting quickly to avoid traffic jams.

Electric-bikes is cheap to maintain and also in terms of gas. If the battery is empty you can just cycle normally which helps you even to lose weight. Electric-bikes got the motors and sensor assist that when you pedal it gives you the boost thus giving you a chance to explore new places.

With the help of these motors, this makes climbing up big hills much easy. Electric bikes are easy to maintain just like any other ordinary bikes with an added battery and motor.

Traditional bikes

Traditional bikes are just ordinary bikes with no modification at all. Traditional bikes are human-powered. They are always pedal-driven meaning it cannot make any move without being pedaled. The traditional bike has got two wheels.

The rare wheel is always connected to pedal using a stainless chain. There are different types of traditional bikes for example mountain bikes, touring bikes, road bikes, track bikes and also Hybrid bikes.

Mountain bikes always have wide knobby tires that allow them to be ridden in rocky roads. Traditional hybrid bikes always have large wheels that are often thinner as compared to that of mountain bikes. This bike is always used for recreational purposes as they have an upright position meant for comfort.

Traditional bikes are always good for health benefits.it is always used to increase muscle strength, strengthen body bones, decrease stress levels. With traditional bikes, there is no worry about engine oil and petrol thus cost-effective.

Traditional bikes can maneuver in places where no car can reach. They can be carried and picked up in condition a motorcycle cannot pass and thus economical. Traditional bikes is always used for the recreational purpose to ensure body fit. Traditional-bikes are cost-effective.

Traditional bikes are cheap to purchase and maintain as compared to electric bikes where you need to buy batteries, helmets and motors. In addition to this, there is no need for instrument clusters when using traditional bikes. Traditional bikes also do not require frequent service as electric bikes require.


​Electric-bikes, however, is much better than traditional bikes. Electric bikes enable you to get outside more often and also engage in long-distance travel. This is because Electric bikes allow you to travel faster than traditional bikes. In addition to this electric bikes can also serve like traditional bikes as it is just an ordinary bike with an added battery and motor.

This is because if the battery is empty you can cycle it normally which can help you lose weight thus enhancing physical fitness. The motors and boost also help you make climbing up big hills even much easier as compared to traditional bikes.

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