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Best Street Motorcycle Helmet In 2020 – Top Models Compared!


    Are you in need of that extra protection and convenience that comes along with getting the ​​best ​street ​motorcycle ​helmet? Well, motorcycling as most of us know it, can be the most indulging and exciting experience for bike cycling enthusiasts. However, your security and personal responsibility when cycling is your top priority.

    To fully appreciate and optimize your motorcycling skills, you need gear that will accelerate you to that pleasure that comes along. Regardless of the type of bike, you are riding or your level of skill, our bodies will have to obey the laws of physics in case anything goes wrong when riding bikes at our speed.

    Before planning either that weekend or cross-country road trip or cruise through the traffic, your safety is no doubt your top priority.

    A motorcycle helmet plays a very big role in protecting our heads, if not our bodies. It is made of several layers of diverse densities intended to slow down the rate of deceleration your head experiences in case of that unexpected sharp impact. I compile for you the most harmonized details you need to know to minimize the headache one goes through when identifying the best motorcycle street helmet.

    Recommended Best Street Motorcycle Helmet

    Getting the most perfectly suitable helmet for your needs can be one of the most daunting tasks. The following brands or models happen to be some of my favorite and you will be spoilt for choice. They come from reputable manufacturers with high safety standards to keep your ride safe and get most of what it is intended.

    SIMPSON Street Bandit DOT Motorcycle Helmet Review

    This is a classically designed helmet that will provide you with that sense of style that is not only tough but also creative to your preferences.

    It comes with high safety standards, adjustable air vents and a lighter shell and more wide eye port for your needs. The Simpson luckily happens to deliver when it comes to style, functionality, and quality all in one


    The helmet is SnellM and DOT safety rated without sacrificing its style. It comes with four different stops to leave fuss less while on your ride. For more safety, its locking system is so simple to your fit and that extra set of the thinner cheek pad is very comfortable with that soft touch when the helmet fits on your skin. It is a fairly quite helmet. It has too an enlarged eye for excellent visibility.

    Design Suitability

    The SIMPSON Street Bandit Snell/DOT Motorcycle Helmet brings you a long with an air ram duct to help the chin offer great air ventilation when it on your head. Top vents can also be opened for further maximized air circulation.

    Types Of Street Bandit Snell

    It comes in types of ‘the street,' ‘the Outlaw' and ‘the super bandit.' The street looks great retaining your cool and comfort when on. It has large viewing area too, changeable out for that unique look. Has pots built on the chin for air good air circulation? Wear it at night while your visor is on yet expect great visibility.

    Street bandit is emphasized for that menacing stylish design. Has larger eye port for that great view, adjustable vents for your cool ride and keep off your visor fog. It's lightweight and Snell rated. The Simpson super bandit is more sport-like, with a Snell rating it comes with all the aerodynamic. Its recessed eye to shield your eye while in clear visibility. Has great air circulation courtesy of its great vents.

    Other Details

    It is a removable washable in its interior, comes in extra small, small, medium and large sizes.

    Shoei Hornet X2 Seeker Racing Motorcycle Helmet Review

    This is one of my favorite helmets that will bring you versatility and comfort all in one gear. It strikes that maximum balance between on-and-off form and its functionality.

    But ultimately it explores what it means to go sporty using a great safe helmet. It is quality value for your investment.


    It comes with a longer visor wide enough for clear visibility. You might not be aware of the existence of the visor at great speed from the aero aspect of it. Comes too with louvers to its wind tunnel to reduce lift and drag while on the ride.

    Suitability In Wear

    It is good in blocking that heat and hot sun when on your ride thanks to its visor. The visor comes off easily and is suitable for its detach nature courtesy of a quarter-turn fastener and a one center thumb-push.

    Air Circulation

    It has a very simple ventilation with four closable intakes at its front and seven always open exhausts. Your breathing is pleasurable than anticipated with this helmet. It allows the rider to fine-tune airflow for every riding conditions.

    Other Benefits

    Interior liner of this helmet is easy to remove and has many adjustment options. The cheek pad emergency quick release system allows for easy removal of pads when necessary.

    Tengchang Motorcycle Butterfly Full Face Street Review

    For the Pink Black Butterfly Motorcycle, Full Face Helmet, expect maximum safety and comfort. Mostly in black and pick colors, but you can get customized colors from the trusted manufacturer.

    It comes in variant sizing for options to choose from too.

    Durability And Weight

    It is light weight with a durable composite shell. It is equally very heavy cushioned but still able to attain a very comfortable interior.


    It brings you a removable and washable padding with an exquisite vent you can easily adjust for your optimized air circulation needs. The vents come along too with a flip-up visor. This is one helmet that will serve you in the summer and during the winter.

    Safety And Design

    The Tengchang Motorcycle Pink Black Butterfly Full Face Street Helmet is a beautiful glossy ultraviolet light protector all packed into one outstanding finish. It is DOT safety standard compliant.

    Performance Attainability

    Measure your head to identify the correct size of this helmet for maximum performance. The circumference of the head should be measured one inch above the eyebrows, in front and at the back of the head for appropriate measuring needs.

    Simpson Helmets MSB15M8 Street Bandit Helmet Review

    This one helmet that will bring you great viewing for maximized visibility needs. Expect too great breathing convenience when you put on, and it is too an suitable all-weather helmet.

    You go wrong with your safety preferences when it comes to this awesome helmet.


    For maximized and clear view during your ride, the Simpson Helmets MSB15M8 Street Bandit Helmet Snell M has an enlarged eye port area for any angle glance.

    Air Circulation

    It comes with well-designed adjustable air vents that bring you that amazing air circulation while on. This will be more enjoyable and convenient to maintain that melon cooling effect while on your ride.


    It is built to assume a light weight without making this a burden to your head. This makes the helmet more comfortable enough for long periods of use in no discomfort.


    Street Bandit is emphasized for that menacing stylish design; it is equally classy leaving you with the elegant look.

    GLX Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Bike Helmet Review

    This too remains one of my best helmets, with that great air circulation capability, its safety. It is elegantly designed with outstanding features that make fitting and removal easier.

    The GLX Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet will in no doubt leave you awed for more of its use for every of your experience.


    For epitomized air flow within the helmet, it comes with a ventilation system that embraces channeled vents to allow a flow of air through making your riding more pleasurable.


    It brings you uniquely designed some-tinted shield deploys that regulate the amount of light penetrating through to your eyes while riding, protects you further from adverse effects of UV light.


    Has some of the most innovative quick release strap system, this leaves you with no bustle or hustle to strain when you just need your helmet off that quick.


    It is DOT certified meaning maximized safety standards for your ride. It comes in incredible convenient sizes too to choose from for that safe appropriate fit.

    Things To Consider When Buying The Best Street Motorcycle Helmet

    Helmets come in many sizes, shapes, and even colors. Before acquiring that most important equipment for your protection, be keen on the proof that your helmet carries a long that capability of protection it claims to have. If nobody has ever heard of the model, chances are the helmet could jeopardize your safety too.

    Safety Specifications

    Check out the helmet ratings. Ratings reflect the very minimum and basic a helmet should be made of, to maximumly protect your head. Approved Ratings differ from country to country or region to region. Some of those, for instance, approved and valid for Europe, the United States and Australia are, respectively, the ECE 22.05, the DOT and the AUS 1698-2006.

    Check out too, the reputable manufacturers out there known for record safety global standards. This will help you get the most from quality and safe brands without investing in unknown models with probably a poor or no record of your safety in the helmet design.

    The helmet should have the outer shell, made of fiber-reinforced composites, to allow the material to contract during a hard impact. It too will reduce the blow of the force before it reaches your head.

    The Impact-absorbing liner, made of Styrofoam will absorb shock and deflect the power of a hard hit away from your head. Comfort padding will help for comfort, but also ensures the helmet fits snuggly on your head.

    Correct Size And Shape

    Ideally, have your head measured to establish whether your head size matches that particular model or brand you are interested in. Check whether the helmet won't come off easily, to ensure it will stay put when mostly needed for your safety.

    If it slips forwards or backward, that could be the wrong size for you. Get the one that slightly stays firm on your head and most of your face once you have the chin-strap on. It should not put too much pressure on any part either.

    Helmet Visibility

    Most helmets come with a visor or goggles. This will protect your eyes and face from a million imaginable tiny impacts that could hit your face when on the ride. Such possible effects include the wind and diverse temperature fluctuations. Goggles or visors that carry ECE, CE or BSI trademarks on them are good too. Some helmets are designed for your ease visor swapping to your preference.

    Never Do ‘Second Hand.'

    Don't buy second-hand helmets, simply because you might not know exactly what it has been through, what exactly are its up to date safety test standard. It could be at its end point of durability without you knowing. Just because it still looks new or, of great color doesn't cut it. You don't need to endure somebody's sweat on it too. Buy new, take care of it.

    Comfort Features

    Helmets do come in many different designs. The full-face helmet covers the full face and head. It has a movable face shield that will protect your eyes and comes too with a chin strap.

    The open-face helmet is similar to full-face helmet but doesn't come with a movable face shield. This will mean you buy a Snap-On face shield or goggles to assist you to withstand those hard impacts while on your ride.

    The shortly half helmet protects the top of your head, not so advisable for motorcyclists. Check whether your helmet has cheek pads, which touch your face without pressing too hard.

    Gaps ensure there isn't any between your temples and brow pads and neck roll not to push the best helmet away from the back of your head. Lastly, if it has the chin piece, that will protect your face when on full-face helmets.

    Final Words

    Looking after your helmet is critical for maintained performance and durability. Store it safely. Invest not necessarily in just a fancy brand but also in a helmet that is more fit to you and still keeps afloat the safety standards. Your helmet should fit you long retaining that comfort you need. Check out the most features that suit your tastes and preferences to make keenly the right choice. Maintain good cleaning of your helmet is important too. Any of these brands are dedicated to serve you best with no let down for that incredible motorcycling experience. You are spoilt for choice.

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