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Best Snowmobile Helmet In 2020 – Detailed Buying Guide


    While using the snowboard may be a fun affair, using it without the proper headgear may prove to be a costly and sometimes catastrophic affair. Needless to say, protecting your head is an essential precaution that you need to take if you intend to go out snowboarding or skiing. You need to have a helmet which will fully protect you from trauma. Even when selecting cheap snowmobile helmets, it is important to scrutinize all necessary information about your helmet before selecting the one best suited for you. Here we tell you how the basics of how to select the best snowmobile helmet.

    Best Snowboard Helmet ​Reviews

    As all riders may agree there is nothing as convenient as having a helmet which allows you to open it up to feel the fresh airon some days yet also give protection from excessively windy days. This helmet offers this and more.

    Product Specification:

    • Type: ¾
    • Brand: ​Core Helmets
    • Model: ​CORTOF8009
    • Item Weight: 3 pounds
    • Outer Material: Polycarbonate

    Stylish design

    The helmet has a stylish modern design. It is wonderfully finished using high-quality locomotive paint and further coated to protect from scratches.


    The helmet comes lined with a cushioned and breathable material made of nylon. This helps in absorption of the sweat or moisture and also helps in impact absorption increasing comfort ability.


    The helmet is convertible from a ¾ to open face helmet easily by just snapping the visors upwards.


    • Does not require any assembly before use.
    • ​The helmet comes in range of sizes from Small to XX-large.
    • ​Helmet molded and made of lightweight material.


    • The helmet sizing may run a bit small.


    This helmet can additionally accommodate a flat shield apart from the visor included. With is wonderful finish it's hard to scratch keeping it looking better for longer. And has a range of sizes so you can get your perfect fit.

    This unisex helmet is a puller for both men and women. It is an optically balanced helmet with protection against the harmful UV rays.  The helmets shield can be used open-faced and is also big enough to accommodate goggles.

    Product Specification:

    • Type: Full Face
    • Brand: ​AFX
    • Item Weight: 5.1 pounds
    • Outer Material: Poly-alloy plastic

    Easy to clean

    The helmet interior is removable and is easy to wash making the helmet very hygienic and prevents bad odors from sticking to the helmet.

    Long lasting

    The helmet is made of poly-alloy plastic material. The material is lightweight and sturdy, a helmet that will last you many winters riding.

    Protection from Harmful rays

    The helmet's visor comes with a protective coating that will not only shield your eyes from the harsh sunlight but it will also shield you from the harmful UV rays.


    • ​Has a liner to absorb impact.
    • The liner is hypo-allergenic thus can be used by all people without worry.
    • ​The helmet is optically balanced helps to protect against harmful UV-rays.


    • Goggles do not fit well in the helmet. Make it tight fitting and goggles do not sit well.


    It is lightweight durable and good looking. This is the kind of helmet any rider would want. No neck fatigue as the helmet does not weigh down on you. The helmet is suitable for long distance riding, suitable for you.

    The Demon Samurai helmet is rated among the best youth snowmobile helmets. It converts from a full face to open helmet with just a flip. It is suitable to use on the clear days when you want a clear look at nature and a sun and UV ray protector visor for those very sunny days.

    Product Specification:

    • Coverage: ​Full Face
    • Brand: ​IV2 Helmets
    • Item Weight: 5.15 pounds
    • Outer Material: Plastic

    Replaceable Visors

    The design of the helmet allows for the visors to be replaced easily. It can be replaced with an anti-fog visor that is not susceptible to scratching.


    The helmet is very versatile as it can easily be converted from a full face to open helmet. This can easily be done by just pressing a button and flipping the visor.

    Superb ventilation

    The helmet is made to have one of the best ventilating systems which allow fresh air to circulate freely. The helmet has ten venting ports making wearing the helmet a breeze.


    • Durable and lightweight shell
    • Comes with a Micro-fiber Cloth carrying bag
    • The helmet has two steel ring straps which allow for secure fastening of the helmet.


    • The helmet does not come with speaker pouches


    This is a helmet worth investing in especially for you who loves the outdoors. With its easily controllable and retractable sun visor, it is perfect for the cold winter or those sunny days.

    The optically challenged riders will attest that finding a helmet which fits snugly yet allows for you to use your spectacles is an uphill task. This, however, is no longer a challenge because when it comes to modular snowmobile helmets this has space for you to use your glasses.

    Product Specification:

    • Coverage: ​Full Face
    • Brand: ​YEMA
    • Item Weight: 3.75 pounds
    • Outer Material: ABS Shell

    Space for Accessories

    The helmet allows you to have an enjoyable ride as you can personalize what you like. This is because the helmet has extra space for your Bluetooth device or your glasses for better vision.

    Washable Liner

    The antibacterial lining is easily removable and can easily be washed without getting damaged.


    The helmet is made of durable ABS material which does not break easily. The chin strap and its two ring buckles are also made of high-quality material making the overall helmet sturdy.


    • The helmet has double steel ring straps for secure fastening of the helmet.
    • Easy to maintain clean
    • The helmet has Extra space installed to enable use of glasses and Bluetooth


    • Cannot fully convert to open face helmet.


    This unisex helmet is sure to make heads turn in admiration. Plus, you no longer need to worry about your whether your spectacles will fit as you prepare to go out riding. With a washable liner and sturdily made. It's the best snowmobile helmet for the money.

    This is a modular helmet with a sports helmet functionality. It is perfect for sports riding or just pleasurable riding. It is made from the latest technology and quite lightweight and easy on the pocket.

    Product Specification

    • Coverage: ​Full Face
    • Brand: ​Scorpion
    • Item Weight: 2 pounds
    • Model: 92-1135
    • Outer Material: Polycarbonate

    Aggressive design

    The helmet seems more like a Sports helmet with modular features. It has a flip up design, quite handsome with premium features usually found only in sports helmets. Visor uses the latest technology to lock down well-creating seal against the gasket becomes more weatherproof.


    It is flip-up design allows you the flexibility to use it as a full face helmet or open faced helmet. The visor can be lifted easily even when in full face mode allowing you greater flexibility. Alternatively, the whole face can be flipped up to make it an open helmet.

    Universal Fitting

    The helmet is shaped in an intermediate oval manner giving a better fit for most head shapes. This is because averagely most head structures fit comfortably into this shape of a helmet. A little bit longer from front to back. Not too round or too narrow.


    • Ever clear fog free visor
    • Easy to use with gloved hands.
    • Has speaker cutouts. Speakers can be easily placed in their ear positions without them creating a pressure point.


    • Does not come with an air fit system.


    This is one of the most lightweight helmets on the market because if its polycarbonate material.  Quite flexible and a sure pocket puller. 

    The Raider Wildfire is a helmet that comes decorated with premium graphics. With a non-scratch coat finish, the helmet is assured to give you a long time usage. With vents and an air circulation system, it is assured to give you a comfortable ride.

    Product Specification:

    • Coverage: ​Full Face
    • Brand: ​Raider
    • Model: 55-562B-17
    • Item Weight: 4.45 pounds
    • Outer Material: Thermoplastic shell

    No fatigue

    The shell of the helmet is made from the wonderfully light thermoplastic material. This in turn drastically reduces the weight of the shell. There is no weight to weigh down on your neck reducing any tiredness to the neck.

    Antimicrobial interior

    The lining of the helmet can be removed without any hustle. This allows for it to be washed and dried before being replaced.

    Secure fitting

    The helmet has been fitted with a superior D-ring strap on the chin which offers the security of the helmet on your head. Your goggles are also secured in place by a non-slip strap.


    • The liner can be detached for cleaning
    • Comes in four colors which you can choose from
    • Comes with non-slip strap to secure goggles
    • Available in small to double extra large


    • The visor may need tightening before use


    The helmet does not have too much flair but it is fitted with the most important features of ​the best snowmobile helmet. It is sturdy and protects the face and eyes properly. A good investment if you are not one for flashy designs.

    For most people finding a helmet which easily fits a pair of goggles may be a difficult task. And even so the extra budget of buying goggles maybe too strenuous in the pocket. But with the Adult Snocross Snowmobile Helmet & Goggle Combination, you need not worry anymore.

    Product Specification:

    • Coverage: ​Full Face
    • Brand: ​Typhoon Helmets
    • Item Weight: 5.15 pounds
    • Model: K27

    Comes with Goggles

    This is the most obvious best feature of this helmet. You need not have to look for goggles to use with this helmet as goggles come with the helmet as a package.

    Adjustable breath deflector

    The helmet comes with a breath deflector that helps in minimizing fog. The deflector can be moved up or down depending on whether you want to use it at the time or not.


    The helmet is fitted with several vents running from the front to the back of the helmet to allow air circulation. This air system pushes out the warm air and ensures that the helmet stays cool at all times.


    • Has an adjustable breath deflector
    • Goggles fitted with dual lens, anti-fog, and rose-colored lens
    • Double pane lens with anti-fog coating installed rose-colored lens, extra


    • The helmet does not have a heating system


    Because the helmet and goggles come together the suitability of one for the other is not questionable. Snowmobile helmets reviews call it the best 2 in 1 helmet.

    The Klim F4 is adaptable to extreme hot and cold weather with a crown liner that can insulate you on cold days and removable on those hot days so that your head can get maximum airflow keeping you cool.

    Product Specification

    • Coverage:​ Full Face
    • Brand: Klim
    • Item Weight: 5 pound
    • Outer Material: Fiberglass mixture

    Well accessorized

    The helmet comes with a durable bag with pockets for you to carry extra accessories. It comes with a Breath box which can be fitted inside the helmet to direct air downwards keeping your vision clear and a removable headliner to keep your head insulated during those cold days.

    Superb ventilation

    It has intake vents at the chin bar, around the helmet which allows air to be sucked in as you ride. Air is directed at the top of your head and at the back pushing out all the warm air thus keeping you cool.

    Lightweight and sturdy

    Shell made of a mixture of fiberglass carbon and Kevlar. The helmet is extremely lightweight so it eliminates neck fatigue.


    • Great ventilation
    • Cheek pads are easily detachable
    • Has liner with perforated foam which quickly absorbs moisture
    • Reinforcement at the structures on the helmet ad rigidity and stiffness.


    • Difficult to get replacement parts/accessories.


    For a dual purpose use helmet that is fully accessorized and can be conveniently carried. This is your ultimate pick.

    This is a handsome helmet with all the necessary functionalities of a Snowmobile helmet. With numerous vents for air circulation and clear drop down visors, it is one handy helmet excellent for the outdoors.

    Product Specification:

    • Coverage: ​Full Face
    • Brand: ​Snow Master Helmets
    • Item Weight: 7.05 pounds
    • Outer Material: ABS shell

    Extra neck protection

    The helmets chin provides coverage to the neck area. So you may not need to have a scarf to protect you on those windy or cold days as this can offer some protection.

    Double Visors

    The helmet comes fitted with a clear visor and one sunshade visor which can easily be dropped down to protect you from the harsh sun rays even as you ride. The visors are very clear and do not obstruct your view in any way.

    Heating system

    The helmet is fitted with an electric heating system on the visor that can be plugged to provide heat, especially during the extremely cold days. A plus for those who love to spend hours snow riding.


    • Comes in a variety of colors
    • Bluetooth can be used
    • Has a breath deflector
    • Has a quick disconnect Chinstrap


    • The heat controls connector does not work with the heater that you already have. It has to be wired in.


    For the lovers of snow riding, this is a helmet you would not want to miss in your collection. You can choose from a variety of colors so make sure you get one before the winter sets in. 

    Nothing is worse than riding with an obstructed view. As most riders would agree it is downright catastrophic. That is why with this helmet, that offers anti-fog protection you are set to be on your way without fearing for your safety.

    Product Specification

    • Coverage: Full Face
    • Brand: ​X4
    • Item Weight: 4.5 pounds

    Anti-fog visor

    This helmet is fitted with chin vents that force air upwards across the shield thus minimizing fog.


    The helmet can be easily adapted from a full face helmet to an open faced helmet. This is by flipping the visor upwards. Therefore, lets you use it according to the weather.


    The helmet's interior is fully padded with soft material to ensure comfort ability. The plush interior also helps in impact absorption making the helmet very user-friendly.


    • Easy to see even when there is fog
    • Has sizes ranging from small to extra large
    • Has a magnified eye-spot to improve distance one can view
    • Has space for spectacles/ eyeglasses


    • The helmet is round thus may not be a good fit for persons with oval head shapes


    For the days when you need to navigate rough terrain, this helmet will keep your head protected and comfortable. No need to buy extra cheek pads as they come installed.

    How to choose the best snowboard helmet

    When selecting a helmet, make sure you take the following into consideration.

    Certification standards

    This certification means that the helmet has been tested and found to meet the set standards for the product. This will assure you that the helmet is safe to use and will fully protect your head as per requirement. The best snowmobile helmet brands recommend that you check for a sticker or barcode number of the certifying institutions.


    For your headgear to offer proper protection, it must be the right fit for you. A loose helmet may be knocked off on impact leaving you hurt. Therefore, ensure you get the right size for your head. To get the right fit for your head measures your heads circumference approximately two inches above your eyes, jot down the length of the widest circumference. Compare this with the size chart, and get your fit.

    Air Vents

    Make sure that the helmet has enough vents to allow proper circulation of air. This will keep you cool during the hot weather. Adjustable ventilation is advantageous as you can choose to shut them during the cold weather.

    Goggle Attachments

    You may want to select a helmet with goggle space, straps or clips to give you leeway to use goggles whenever you want.

    Comfortable lining

    Ensure that the lining of your helmet is plush enough to offer support and absorb impacts. A removable liner which absorbs moisture and can be washed is most appropriate.


    Finally, ensure that your helmet has a good fastener. A clasp or clip it is your choice. But you must ensure that your fastener adequately secures your helmet. Now you are ready to make your pick from our collection.

    Tips for choosing the ​​best ​snowmobile ​helmet & ​fit

    Final Verdict

    Finally, when it comes down to the selection of helmets, finding the best one for you should be done carefully. Better take longer scrutinizing rather than selecting the one you can’t use optimally. Our selection has a wide range of helmets for your various needs. Whether you are looking for fly snowmobile helmets or hjc snowmobile helmets, open-faced, closed face, whatever your choice, be sure to invest in a helmet that fits you well and goes with your style. Our awesome collection has a wide selection of helmets to suit your specifications and pocket. Hope it help you to  choose your favorite one among this ​best ​snowmobile ​helmet.

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