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Best Motorcycle Helmet – Reviews & Guide For 2021


    Riders enjoy freedom from riding their motorcycles on the road, but unlike cars, motorcycles do not offer maximum protection in case of an accident. It is then the role of the motorists to protect themselves. The most vulnerable part of the body is the head makes it crucial to settle for the best motorcycle helmet.

    Remember, protecting your head dramatically increases your chances of survival. About 1699 individuals who put on helmets in 2012 did save their lives, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Further research between 2008 and 2010 shows that of the 14,283 motorcyclist accidents, 42%, 6057 individuals among the ones who perished had no helmets. In the occurrence of a motorcycle accident, a motorist without helmets may survive death but may suffer a severe traumatic brain injury.

    So, why risk your life while you can own a helmet. Below is a guide on how to pick the top motorcycle helmet for you.

    Things To Consider While Purchasing A Motorcycle Helmet

    best motorcycle helmet

    A helmet is the most crucial body protection you can have while riding your bike. There are different types of a motorcycle helmet.

    • Open-Face Helmet: This type of motorcycle helmet three quarter uncovered. Thus while riding, one can access their face. Also, it enhances visibility. However, while in a vulnerable area, one is less protected.
    • Full Face Helmet: This is the safest motorcycle helmet you can get. Unlike other helmets, your face remains adequately protected. However, it tends to be unsuitable for hot weather and is more massive.
    • Half Helmets: Offer the least protection as it only covers the back and the top of your head. Half helmet is affordable and conveniently light.
    • Modular Helmets: Also, flip face helmets. Their chin bar is flappable and allows access to your face. It combines features with a full and open face helmet.
    • Dual Sport Helmets: Appropriate for those who ride for several reasons since it is suitable for off-road and highway riding.
    • Off-road Helmets: This helmets main feature is ventilation that suits excellently biking sports. Conversely, does not satisfy group riding due to lack of communication provision. But how do you determine which is good motorcycle helmet? You have to check for:
    • Safety: As earlier discussed, safety is paramount. Check for motorcycle helmets whose safety measure is consistent with the current technology. Go for a helmet that features; easy helmet removal, MIPS- Multi-Directional Impact System and an emergency cheek pad. Also, check that the helmet is certified either by the Snell, Department of Transportation (DOT) or ECE 22.05.

    What Is The Use Of The helmet?

    For riders who race, high-performance helmets are designed for the tracks with features such as aggressive venting and tear off posts. If you are in a riding group, go for a helmet that supports built-in communication.  For individuals who ride daily or occasionally ride, higher end helmets that provide better dynamics such as reduced wind noise will do.


    Most helmets are up to date with their features such as communication provision, sunshade and wind reduction.

    The Material Making The Helmet

    The primary element that makes the helmets shell determines the helmets; comfort, weight, and safety rating. Materials could be;

    • EPS, whole foam material thickly compressed hence absorbing shocking
    • Polycarbonate which stretches o absorbing energy
    • Carbon fiber is the lightest, and in case of impact, it distributes energy.
    • crosshairs Fiberglass composite, as it absorbs energy, it splits, crushed and flexes.


    Motorcycle helmets weigh averagely 1600 grams. How well the helmet fits you determine how it will weigh. The better the fitting, the less it weighs since the weight distributes evenly on your shoulders and head too. Also, note that full face helmets are lighter compared to modular helmets because modular helmets have an additional apparatus that helps flip the visor.

    The Size And Head shape

    To find the best motorcycle helmet for you, you need to be aware of your head size and shape. A helmet that fits one rider may feel too big or too small for another rider.

    Best Motorcycle Helmet : Top Ten Models Reviews

    1. Arai Vector-2 Helmet

    Arai Vector-2 Helmet Review

    This Arai helmet comprises of an SAI face shield that offers a broader field of vision. It has an intermediate oval shape. The interior liner which is replaceable is also modified to increase airflow.

    It features a refurbished ventilation system whose rear duct is more substantial, thus increases vacuum by 50 %. The shell utilizes complex laminate construction that makes it sturdy, lightweight and flexible.

    Tremendous peripheral view

    The face shield offers a broader side to side vision. Compared to its preceding model, each side has an additional 5mm. This customization is above other levels.

    Hyper-ridge band

    The recently carved lower reinforcement band offers stability by lowering the Centre of Gravity. This makes the helmet feel light.

    ACF-2 intake vent

    This helmet has a front vent that has a full opening to promote airflow. Also, it adopts a sliding-door working mechanism. Arai Vector- 2 helmet has a tuned back vent that convalesces interior ventilation. This regulates heat making it comfortable.

    The exhaust ports are large to increase airflow while reducing noise. Moreover, it has a unique chin vent that allows intake of air directly to the shield in case of misting.

    Brow Vent Ventilation on the Face Shield

    Arai vector helmet design delivers cooling on the upper face area, the crucial forehead area even in the absence of holes. The shells Complex Laminate Construction integrates lightweight with integrity.

    EPS liner material

    EPS offers multi-density in up to five models. The liner material is glued merely, with each sell promoting mutual support with the other cells layer. Thus during a high-impact crash, only one cell crushes as the energy transfers to other cells that absorb it. The liner is removable, washable and comes in various sizes.

    One can remove the cheek pads and replace them. Its bottom is mostly making it easier to put on or get off the helmet.

    Highlighted features

    • The liner is removable and washable
    • Has air vents
    • Transitional oval-round shape
    •  Unique design due to the vent at the chin
    •  Exclusive cheek pad
    •  Comes with a five-year warranty


    • Stylish and comfortable
    • Vents integrated with low noise makes it ideal even for warm weather riding
    • It adopts wireless headsets readily
    • DOT certified


    • Costly compared to other helmets

    Bottom line

    Arai Vector-2 is a helmet with an impeccable design which is up to date. Materials that make this helmet guarantee its high quality. It offers a combination of function and fashion.

    2. Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

    Razor Full Face Youth Helmet Review

    Razor Full Face Youth Helmet is a product of Razor USA LLC which has its base in Calif. This company is renowned for other high-quality products such as Razor Scooter series E100,200 and 300.

    If your children love riding, this helmet is the safest motorcycle helmet for them. It offers absolute protection making both the parents and children comfortable.

    The helmet has an adjustable strap and visor. The headband is padded and has full circumference padding. It is stylish for the youths who consider appearance. Its extra pads provide a personalized fit.

    Ventilation System

    Razor Full Youth helmet has 17 Vents. Vents eliminate discomfort that arises due to dehydration which results from inadequate ventilation.

    Multiple Safety Accreditations

    Helmets are a symbol of safety, and so is Razor Full Youth helmet. This helmet is not only certified by DOT but also by CSPC. You can then be secure about it.

    Voluminous Eye Port

    Children are less careful and need total visibility to prevent avoidable accidents.  Razor Youth Helmet offers the best eye space, making it suitable for kids who prefer or need to put on goggles.


    A helmet is a MUST have for your kid’s safety and protection. Sometimes, our financials limit the choice of a helmet that may result in one settling for an inadequate helmet. Razor Youth helmet is a full package of comfort, safety, and protection at a throw-away price.

    Highlighted features

    • CPSC approved
    • Fits a range of head sizes from 21.5” to 23.”
    • Supreme protection through its full coverage
    •  Allows goggles due to the large eye ports
    •  17 Vents that ensure your head maintains cool
    •  MTX style


    • Lightweight and comfortable such that even picky children will enjoy putting it on.
    • It offers advanced protection due to its chin bar. Also, its mouth protection has vents. The various multiple recognition and certification enhances safety.
    • Stylish to suit youth preferences
    • Superb ventilation


    • There are few reports about the helmet, not kids who have small heads

    Bottom Line

    The helmet is 2 ounces makes it the lightest motorcycle helmet. It is challenging to come across a helmet that entirely specializes in youths, which is what Razor Full Face Youth helmet offers. Its affordable price and unique features make it great motorcycle helmet for the money.

    3. 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular Full Face Helmet

    1Storm Motorcycle Helmet Review

    1Storm Full face is the best street motorcycle helmet. It is stylish, sturdy and light since. This helmets ventilation channel offers five positions that make its ventilation exemplary.

    Its dual visor design is modern and modular making the helmet convenient as you ride. The model also accounts for the double lens; an inner smoked and cleared outer lens.

    This helmets interior is comfortable and heavily cushioned making it safe besides DOT certifying. For perfect fit of this helmet, take measurements using a measuring tape. Place it slightly above your eyebrows, about half an inch. Repeat the process thrice and settle with the largest.

    Alloy Shell

    Its shell comprises of an advanced thermoplastic aerodynamic alloy. A thermoplastic material is light and withstands impact during crashes. The shell has a shiny matte finish that appears glossy making it attractive.

    Modular Flip-up

    A modular helmet is one that allows lifting of the front part that exposes the face. It sums up as both a full-face helmet while riding and an open-faced helmet at a stop-over. This makes it stand out as the best street motorcycle helmet.

    UV Protection

    1Storm Motorcycle helmet has a unique appeal designed brilliantly. Thus offers protection against scorching rays of the sun.

    Safety Approved

    This helmet meets standards set by DOT and CAPA. The first certification acknowledges safety and the second conforms quality respectively.

    Detachable Padding

    The helmet’s interior has padding that promotes comfort and enhances cushioning. Moreover, itis effortlessly removable. Cleaning after removal supports hygiene by preventing both bacterial growth and foul odor.

    Highlighted features

    • Thermoplastic aerodynamic alloy makes the shell
    • Offers UV protection that retracts to allow night riding.
    • Its design accommodates dual lens
    • One can flip up
    •  Has both upper and lower vents
    •  DOT has approved the helmet
    •  Removable outer visor


    • Water-proof, safe and lightweight
    • Easy to attach a Bluetooth set
    • Its design entails a visor that one can slide to the mirrored one.
    • The UV protection retracts making it suitable both for day and night riding
    • Sturdy construction
    • Has a secure fit
    • Spacious enough to allow additional visual aid.


    • Its matte finish is excellent but fads with time

    Bottom line

    The UV protection that retracts and additional dual lens makes it distinctive.  The outer shell is durable, and its pad is washable. 1Storm Motorcycle helmet combines both full and open-faced helmet features. The matte finish makes it appealing and stylish.

    4. Voss 888CF Genuine Carbon Fiber DOT Half Helmet

    Voss 888CF Genuine Helmet Review


    The shell composite is carbon fiber that is lightweight and comfortably fits deep in the head.

    Moreover, the shells` construction features a blend of glass and carbon fiber. This makes it the best choice for your heads protection.

    Each carbon layer is strategic for even distribution across the shell. This carbon fiber plays a role in weight reduction. The shell further offers an appropriate fit as it comes in two sizes.


    For protection against the sun, while riding, this 888CF helmet features a visor system. The sun lens is easily detachable and changeable. It also comes with an additional lens. Also, Drop Down Sun Lens. 888CF is a low profile helmet that has a category for sun lens.


    Voss 88CF has a chin strap, nylon woven that is micro metal and quickly releases for extra strength.


    The Voss 888CF liner is removable. Kool comfort is the material making the coating making it smooth and cushioning.  The lining is washable to avert odor and infections.

    For fashion sensitive people, we recommend matte carbon fiber. One can quickly clean by wiping the surface using a damp rag.

    Highlighted features

    • Ultra comfort due to the removable microfiber liner
    • Voss 88CF sun lenses can drop down
    • Has a coating that absorbs moisture and is breathable
    •  Low profile considering the droppable sun lenses
    •  Authentic carbon fiber shell composite
    •  Micro metal quick release strap


    • Perfect style and fit even for those with large heads
    • Comfortable and lightweight
    • Adjustable tinted face shield
    • Good construction
    • Has a quick release strap
    • Attractive


    • The sun shield does not entirely drop to allow sun and wind brush the riders face.

    Bottom line

    The droppable sun shield makes 888CF unique. The composite material assembled to form the shell is of high quality.

    5. Yema Helmet YM-925 Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

    Yema Helmet YM-925 Helmet Review

    YEMA is a company that has been developing and producing motorcycle helmets for 20 Years. Thus, it offers the best motorcycle helmet brands.  Also, its design is suitable for both men and women.

    This YM-925 has a stylish appearance which is black and shiny. Functionality is a boost as it features safety measures for the protection of your head.


    YM-925 has two entirely adjustable vents for intake and exhaust. This develops a constant flow of air that keeps the rider comfortable and fresh.


    This helmet is lightweight thus comfortable ensuring the rider enjoys the ride. It has a snug fit that keeps it steady thus maintaining the air flow. The helmet has padding and liner that are soft for comfort and whose layers offer protection. The liner is detachable and washable enhancing personal hygiene. There is an additional available space for glasses.


    For a helmet that is a full guarantee of safety and comfort, it retails at a reasonably fair price. The style, design, and features ensure durability.

    High-Quality Materials

    Aerodynamic ABS material is that makes the shell. Furthermore, more material includes EPS that is multi-dense, Dual Visor, Armored Chin Strip and Double Ring Buckle.

    Professionally Designed Motorcycle Helmet

    Being an all-around suited helmet for activities such as Racing, ATV, Motocross, Quad, MX, Dirt Bike, and the street bike makes it the top-rated motorcycle helmet. It has a modern design in line with advanced features.

    Highlighted Features

    • It offers precise visibility through its double visors
    • Fortified with air vents for ventilation that can also be altered to suit preference
    • Aerodynamic construction minimizes wind and noise Detachable liner promotes hygiene and good appearance
    •  Meets DOT standards
    •  The helmets outer shell comprises of ABC material providing durability and protection.


    • Lightweight packaging due to air cells
    • Three-quarter outer visor clicks since it is a modular helmet. This screen offers a clear view.
    • Reduces noise
    • Removable cheek pads and liner
    • Efficiently adjustable vents that prevent misting and accumulation of fog
    • The eye and chin shield swing upwards


    • Tinted visor may lead to distortion of images

    Bottom line

    YM-925 is a stylish, attractive and modified modular helmet that makes it suitable for adverse weather conditions such as rain and sun. It has stickers that prove the DOT certification is giving some sense of security. The shield and visor offer eye protection.

    6. Vega X888 Full Face Helmet

    Vega X888 Full Face Helmet Review

    Of all motorcycle helmet ratings, Vega X888 remains the top-rated motorcycle helmet to date.

    Many approve and consider it the top motorcycle helmet due to its exceptional features and designs. Let us discuss the excellent features that X888 offers.

    Full Face Protection

    As indicated by the name, it keeps the riders face fully protected, enhancing safety. Among full-face motorcycle helmet styles, it stands out due to its ample provisions for breathing and ventilation. This makes the helmet comfortable and protective.


    People have different tastes and preferences, a fact which the company acknowledges. This is why the shield offers nine motorcycle helmet styles such as tinted or anti-fog, just to mention a few. The shields` role is not only to protect as is with other helmets but is also present for clarity of vision and resistance of force. The shield can be replaced and is available on the market too.


    Vega X888 enhances its uniqueness by offering extra padding that makes it a step ahead of other helmets in the market. This extra padding provides comfort and protection by reducing impact. The inner liner comprises an anti-microbial fabric that absorbs moisture. Furthermore, this helmet assures a perfect fit.


    With the X888 being full-faced, ventilation plays a significant role. It delivers proper ventilation through vents which are placed strategically at the chin, rear, mouth, and forehead. These vents promote constant air circulation that in turn makes the helmet breathable and comfortable for the rider. Unlike any other helmet, these vents are replaceable. Also, one can purchase them in the market, unlike helmets whose only supply is the manufacturer.

    Guaranteed Safety

    DOT did acknowledge and certify this helmet, meaning it is safe. The company is also sure of its product.

    Highlighted Features

    • The outer shell is durable
    • The overall helmet’s design ensures you keep up with fashion
    • Extra pads offer cushion and comfort
    • check-square-o Tactically placed air vents
    • Provides shield options
    • check-square-o Has a one year warranty to cover any defects


    • It ascertains durability
    • Keeps the rider cool during the ride because the vents maintain maximum airflow
    • Offers resistant to impact in case of a crash
    • Face shield is easy to remove
    • Highest safety rating
    • Most of the helmets features can be customized


    • Slightly heavier compared to other helmets
    • The inner padding poses a challenge for people who put on glasses.

    Bottom line

    Vega X888 maintains the highest review and rating over the years. It has unique features that one can customize. Using this helmet keeps you on trend, offers safety, protection, and comfort.

    7. Torc T14B Bluetooth Mako Helmet

    Torc T14B Bluetooth Mako Helmet Review

    T14B is ideal for one seeking a comfortable, stylish, good-looking helmet that fits your budget. It is slightly heavier than other helmets and being a full-face helmet make it inconvenient for long rides. However, its heaviness guarantees safety. Suits best people whose heads assume an oval shape. T14B is the best option for a new/amateur rider.

    It is a product of TORC that holds a record as a top motorcycle helmet brands. T14B goes by a famous name Mako, a name for a shark. It then has shark-like features for example sleek aerodynamic design.

    This helmet is a lightweight. It enhances comfort through its pads which have laser contours. The outer shell is made of EPS, providing dual density.

    Full Face Helmet that offers Safety and Protection

    Some helmet designs add additional safety layers, which result to the helmet being more cumbersome than other helmet models. In as much as the weight may be troublesome, it guarantees protection. So does the breakaway spoiler. Safety remains crucial, and that is why the Torc T14B is both DOT and ECE certified.

    Aerodynamic shell

    The design of the shell makes it easy to cut through the wind. There is a slight pointed design at the chin area that makes it wind resistant even at a high speed.


    Torc T14B delivers durability due to the material that makes it. Thus it will protect and keep you safe for longer.

    Simple to use

    The aerodynamic material makes the T14B, making it comfortable even while riding at high speed, thanks to its sleek design. This helmet offers neck support to enhance comfort while riding for long distance. The visor eliminates the need for new sunglasses.  The shield is easy to remove and is correctable. A single click on the right or left side remove it.

    Correctable shield and visor

    For sharper vision, crucial to a rider, one can correct the shield and visor. The design is simple enough to allow correction without any tool.

    Highlighted features

    • Uncomplicated to use
    • Enhances clarity through correctable shield and visor
    • Stabilizer for protection
    • check-square-o Aerodynamic shell


    • Internal sun shield that is droppable
    • Lightweight, comfortable and affordable
    • Suitable for individuals with oval shape heads
    • Has an extra optical correct shield


    • In comparison with other helmets, it is a little smaller. Picking a wrong fit accelerates the noise.

    Bottom line

    It does have a stabilizer at the rear which in case of impact comes off to prevent the damage from reaching the riders head. Thus, offers protection exclusively.

    8. Shoei Men`s Rf-1200 Helmet

    Shoei Men`s Rf-1200 Helmet Review

    This helmet is a climax icon for 56 years of the helmets legacy. Its main features are; weight, compact aerodynamic shape, buffeting and wind reduction noise.

    This design enables it to stand out in the market among the safest and comfortable.


    Shoei Men`s Rf-1200 has a six vents, three positioned at the lower side, while the other three are on the upper. Further ventilation is through four strategically placed vents on the high for exhaust.

    Reduced Noise

    The aerodynamic shape has advancements which reflect the improved inner liner and shield system. This ensures the rider experiences a silent, comfortable ride.


    Rf-1200 offers a firm, comfortable fit that enables the rider to tilt their heads say to check traffic. Its inner lining is soft, that provides cushion and makes the helmet more comfortable.

    Shell construction

    RF-1200 has a slim design that has a unique cut line that serves to widen the helmets bottom which makes it easy to put on and take off. The shell comes in four sized.

    A liner which is on the inner side of the shell absorbs impact through its dual-layer. The two layers have each offering a different density that expertly balances the effect in the occurrence of a crash.


    The helmet’s design makes it slim. It has an accent through the unique line on the helmets side.

    Shield System

    The shield, CWR-1 has ribs both at the top and bottom that increase rigidity and eradicate the shied bending that may come up when you open or close the shield, or due to wind closure. Rf-1200 also features a rotating dial that has five stages to enable easy adjustments and fine-tuning.

    Beadings at the top and sides of the helmet ensure the shield is tight and removes excess air. Shoei has come up with an up to date spring-loaded base plate which pulls back the shield towards the helmet. This pulling back mechanism seals it tightly against rain or wind.

    Highlighted Features

    • Great ventilation system
    • A chin strap that is neat and secure
    • EPS liner for dual density
    • check-square-o Lens inserts and Pin lock Pins are inclusive
    • check-square-o Has a curtain chin and breath guard


    • The Snell rating is up to date
    • Roomy enough to allow glasses
    • Stylish
    • Provides a range of colors
    • Offers great airflow


    • Compared to other brands such as Scorpion, this helmet is relatively expensive.

    Bottom line

    The 3D maximum dry system and ventilation system makes the helmet stands out.

    9. HJC Helmets CL-16 Helmet

    HJC Helmets CL-16 Helmet Review

    HJC Helmet Company has been among the top motorcycle helmet brands.  In North America, it titles as the best motorcycle helmet brand continuously in the past 16yearsThe helmet meets the Snell and DOT standards and still retails at a pocket-friendly price.

    It is not as heavy as other helmets, quite comfortable and tremendous visibility due to the removable face shield.

    Shell Construction

    The shell is the first noticeable thing about a helmet is the shell. CL-16 helmet shell comprises of polycarbonate, which is advanced over the years after rigorous testing. The fact that the company conducts tests in the lab or wind tunnels for the materials it uses guarantees some degree of safety.


    This helmet protects your face from wind and dirt while riding that enhances a clear vision. It adopts the Rapid Fire system for the replacement that enables one smoothly changes the shield.

    This shield is fog and scratch resistant. For further protection against fog, the helmet has an insert to remove the accumulated haze.  CL-16 offers protection against 95% of the suns UV light. This eliminates the need for additional optical wear for protection against the UV rays.


    Its Hellion graphics are fantastic and colorful. The yellow color makes the helmet more visible. The shape minimized impact during a crash offering protection.

    The design features ridged and channels that provide an aerodynamic surface to reduce resistance. They also absorb and diffuse shock in the event of a crash.


    CL-16 has seven vents in total built in the shell to allow air circulation. This ventilation system is unique since it is designed precisely to push air upwards and out through exhale vents as it pushes air downwards to the intake vents. The vent at the mouthpiece allows air in a while driving stale air upwards.

    Another vent is at the top of the forehead that exhales pushed up air. Also at the top is a rear vent that serves as an exhaust point.


    An inner liner is available on the interior side of the helmet. This liner is of anti-bacterial fabric that ensures no dirt, sweat or a bacterium touches your face.

    Highlighted features:

    • Snell and DOT approved
    • Safe anti-bacterial padding
    • UV light protection and a shield replacement system
    • check-square-o Adopts CAD technology
    • check-square-o Fog resistant shield


    • They offer a sizing chart on their website for accuracy
    • Mets motorcycle standards


    • Not suitable for hot weather since it gets warm

    Bottom line

    Unique ventilation system

    10. O`Neal Racing Fastrack II Bluetooth Helmet

    O`Neal Racing Fastrack II Bluetooth Helmet Review

    Like other brands, O`Neal has been among top motorcycle helmet brands.  This is because the product the company offers is of high quality. The helmet ensures comfort with the stylish design.

    The frame is lightweight and is fused with Bluetooth functions guaranteeing riders keep in touch. This suit a group of biker’s best.

    Bluetooth connectivity

    This O`Neal helmets feature provides excellent interaction. The system is also connectable to outside devices, with an ability to even pick a call while riding. It features private intercom utility which allows a group of rider`s communicate. This makes it distinctive.


    To shell comprises only light, durable material to ensure it maintains lightweight. You can be sure that of the stated weight, the shell falls short of just 50grams. For versatility, the shell has three designs and six sized.

    The helmet comprises of Pre Peg fiberglass which involves complex nylon that is cross woven. This design is rare to find in motorcycle helmets and is only available in cars, Italian to be specific. Thus no doubt the helmet is of high quality.

    EPS, Expanded Poly Styrene Quad-core design provides security and protection. There are five pieces that integrates to ensure stability and an exact comfortable fit. Further protection is a shield coat that is can neither scratch nor accumulate fog.

    The face shield design allows easy replacement and taking off. Opening the shield and tugging the hook tub removes the shield. Easy, right? The shield is also removable. To reinstall it, make sure the round piece is in line. At the upward position, it will comfortably fit in.

    Highlighted features

    • Safe as it is DOT and ECE approved
    • The has inbuilt blue tooth and two multi directional full stereo speakers
    • The fiberglass used to make the shell makes it a lightweight
    • check-square-o Ventilation system has multiple adjustable ports
    • check Removable inner technical fabric liner that is washable
    • Comes with a two-year warranty as a proof of authenticity


    • Inner fabric liner that is removable thus guarantees hygiene
    • Lightweight and offers protection
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • The helmet does not produce any noise while riding enhancing communication


    • Heavier than other helmets

    Bottom line

    Unlike other helmets that may lack to fit, it comes in various designs and size. The fiberglass making the helmet is unique and modern. It has in-built Bluetooth and two speakers. It is the best deal for group rides.

    Final Verdict​

    Having reviewed the ten best motorcycle helmets, one has to have features that make it the overall best. All helmets have features in line with factors you should consider during purchasing. However, Shoei Men`s Rf-1200 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is top motorcycle helmet.

    First, the company understands the customers need and deliver it. Its features; noise reduction, Innovative ventilation, Snell and DOT certifications and dual liner makes it a step ahead.

    Its shortcoming is in its weight, which enhances protection in the event of a fall, making it advantageous too. It ensures the rider is comfortable, safe and well protected.

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