Best Motorcycle Half Helmet In 2020 – Expert’s Guide


    Imagine you are just out for your ride, meters away from the fields, then all of a sudden you realize you just aren’t wearing your favorite Best Motorcycle Half Helmet. This leaves you disturbed, a feeling your protection is not on priority. It can feel like an unusual adventure. Riding motorcycles can be one of the most exciting explorations to most of our time.

    For an enthusiast, it is that remarkable experience that leaves you with excitement but also captivates you to wanting more. But in that escapade, comes the essence of taking precaution to possible risks. This would involve wearing that half helmet to protect your head. It could save you from that unfortunate grisly crush.

    If you need one, getting the ultimate half motorcycle helmet can turn out to be the most mind-boggling engagement for you. You don’t need to go through this hustle alone; I prepare one of those resourceful reviews to see you through.

    Best Motorcycle Half Helmet

    Recommended Best Motorcycle Half Helmets Reviews

    Half helmets that will provide the convenience of not only use but maintenance in the long term should be valuable. The durability of the material used to make the half helmet is vital for sustainable performance. The following models stand out to provide you the remarkable experience that is necessary and favorite for motorcycling escapades.


    This is a low-profile helmet that doesn’t necessarily assume the mushroom shape but is designed to provide extra comfort. It is available in many sizes, shapes, colors and uniqueness.

    This provides you with variant options to choose from. You are bound to experience more comfort too with this exquisite half helmet.


    The helmet provides you with top notch safety standards and exceeds expectations. It is DOT rated meeting FMVSS218 standards.

    In fact, it comes with the smallest DOT half shell helmet in the market. These are in no doubt you have one of the best ratings in motoring helmets. You don’t need to be worried about your safety from substandard material design.


    It comes with a moisture wicking fabric to keep your head cool during your ride while ensuring you are comfortable.

    It has nylon y-Strap D-Ring retention system, which provides you with that convenient positioning, for a perfect fit. For more comfort, the interior is custom formed.

    Great Look

    It brings you an exquisite outlook thanks to its custom shell tapered look that seems to just hug your head. The helmet is a UV lacquer finish.

    Other Features

    It is available with a visor. It weighs 1 lbs. 8. oz. Get your size since it comes in three different sizes for that proportional fitting in your head. Additionally, you will get a black helmet bag for storing purposes and a black head wrap.

    Important Features:

    • Meets D.O.T. safety standards
    • 3 Different Shell Sizes
    • Nylon Y-Strap
    • Quick Release Lock

    2. Voss 700FRP EZ Rider DOT Fiberglass Half Helmet


    This is a low profile strong fiberglass half helmet. It a stylish quality and safe half helmet with a quick metal release, just in case you want to get it off that urgently.

    Expect it to rest deep in your head, but it is not heavy for you too.


    The helmet comes with a removable liner made from Velcro material. This makes it easy for you to attach and detach it to the half helmet.

    Size And Shape

    For those with oval head shapes, this is perfectly the right half helmet for you. It brings along two nylon woven naked chin straps to assist in fitting comfortably the helmet to your head.


    It is available in sizes XS-XXL, Matte, and Gloss Black finish. The helmet is a fabricated fiberglass material for maximized strength and light weight of the helmet. It brings you two shell sizes for more convenient fitting.


    It is DOT rated and approved, so you won’t need to worry about its ability to meet basic safety requirements for your motoring needs.

    Important Features:

    • Handwoven Fibreglass beanie style DOT half helmet
    • Extra strength nylon woven chin straps
    • Removable Kool Komfort micro fibre liner
    • Oval Head Shape
    • Easily attach or detachable velcro material

    3. Voss 888FRP Two Tone Tribal Hand Laid Fiberglass DOT Half Helmet


    The Voss 888FRP Two Tone Tribal Hand Laid Fiberglass DOT Half Helmet is basically a low-profile half helmet.

    It is a two-tone tribal graphic with an 888 in matte black facelift that is not only top notch in outlook but one that will accommodate your stylish expectations.

    Outer Design

    This is a two-tone tribal helmet, implying you will achieve that cool standout design from the rest that claims exquisiteness. If you love it classy, this helmet negotiates carefully to your classic style leaving you in need of nothing more.


    Since it measures 2.1lbs per 964g, it brings you a lightweight low profile hand woven fiberglass, which will sit as well suitably in your head.


    If you want to easily or quickly remove the half helmet, it makes it possible for you thanks to its ratchet micro quick release accompanied with an extra strong nylon woven chin strap. You can literary remove or attach back its Velcro material fiber liner.

    Optical Needs

    The helmet has a Voss integrated visor system that helps you go with a pull-down system courtesy of a sun lens that can be easily be removed or replaced without much need of extra tools.

    Important Features:

    • Extra strength nylon woven chin straps
    • Comfortable and Strong
    • Handwoven Fibreglass shell
    • Removable Kool Komfort micro fibre liner

    4. DOT Women’s Motorcycle Half Helmet


    This one remarkably fashionable, stylish and outstanding half helmet, for those in need of the extra.

    It is a definition of taste meets class. For women and ladies with the need for an innovative look.

    Safety Standards

    It achieves and ultimately surpasses the DOT safety standards, with actually one of the smallest DOT half shell helmet in existence.


    The half helmet injects in more comfort, courtesy of its wicking fabric that ensures you retain coolness in your head. It is easier to adjust to comfort with its nylon Y-strap D-Ring retention system plus a sliding adjuster.

    Material And Make

    It’s a custom-made helmet with clear lacquer finishing. It is nickel plated too with rolled tubular steel rivets. This assures you of durability and stylish design.

    Important Features:

    • Moisture Wicking Fabric Keeps Your Head Cooler
    • Nylon Y-Strap D-Ring Retention System With Sliding Adjuster
    • Free Black Mesh Headwrap

    5. DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Half Helmet


    This happens to be my outstanding half helmet. It is a low-profile motorcycle half helmet with designer skulls, more especially for those who love riding cool with a stylish helmet that stands out.

    It is much more comfortable too for user-friendly satisfaction. Expect it to last long as it retains ultimate performance.​

    Security Compliance

    This is a DOT approved half helmet that achieves and goes beyond requisite motoring safety standards.

    Convenience To User

    It is accompanied with a visor and a cushioned interior design with an adjustable chin strap. This will assist you while on to your ride to adjust the helmet for that required fit for much comfort.

    Extra Benefits

    Its graphic skull design brings an incomparable outlook that stands out in the motorcycling escapade. It has two retention straps plus D-rings. It is boxed inside a free drawstring cloth bag too. The helmet is a black flat finish.


    This is the match half helmet for your ride because it is easy to remove, wash and adjust to needs that are for your tastes and preferences.

    Important Features:

    • Small and light shell
    • Retention straps with D-Rings
    • Available without visor
    • Adjustable chin strap

    Things To Consider When Buying The Best Motorcycle Half Helmet

    In identifying the best half helmet, in your tips, you should include not only the quality but also considering whether the half helmet comes with the appropriate protection it claims to have.

    This means considering the half helmet ratings too. Take time and keen analysis to buy a product that takes into account the value of your money, but not at the expense of quality. The following should be critical in getting the best motorcycle half helmet.

    Measure Your Head

    You need to take the measurement of your head, because for sure, all of us show up with different head sizes and shapes. Commonly most of us could have heads that are round, oval, intermediate oval or long oval.

    The measurement should include the forehead to ascertain the appropriate circumference matching the best size of your half helmet.

    You need to try your desired helmet on, with chin straps on too, to establish if it fits. Remember, this should be comfortable even after wearing for some time.


    In the first place, the reason you are going for the helmet is for that helpful protection when you need it most, consider half helmets that hold high approval safety ratings. If you are probably buying a brand never heard of, chances are the brand could be not meeting basic standards of safety for your motorcycling needs.

    Common global approved quality safety standards include DOT FMVSS 218 and SNELL. SNELLStandards are M2015 for street-use helmets and SA2015 for race-use helmets.

    There is also the ECE Standards determined by the Economic Commission for Europe. More than 50 countries use it in Europe, and any helmet with this sticker must meet the current ECE 22.05 standard.

    Impact Absorption

    This goes along for safety, but check out for half helmet liners that have flexible material. This will help you during that unexpected impact in spreading the direct impact of a shock to minimize serious injury to your head.

    Most half helmets that come with materials made of Styrofoam and related foam materials, which stand this better chance. Check whether it has a chin strap too, this will help your half helmet stay input during an impact and do its job suitably.

    Convenience To Your Needs

    Once you identify your motorcycle half helmet, if it comes with an extra shield or a changeable face shield it could be a plus. A storage bag too could help to carry your helmet.

    Establish your local regulations regarding helmet specifications for safety measures. If you will have to get a reflective patch on the helmet, get it when buying your helmet. You could consider acquiring your breath guard too. The half helmet should be easy to remove and also wash.


    Get that half helmet with qualities you are looking for including comfort. The price should not hinder you from achieving that maximum protection. Remember, cheap ultimately can be expensive. Get the value for your money for an investment worth it. A half helmet so attractive with graphics might not necessarily mean it is the best.

    Last Words

    For sustainability and durability, how you maintain your half helmet matters a lot. A comfortable half helmet is as accolade as it can be, to a more calculated safe ride. Ensure you achieve this effortlessly with your choice of half helmet.

    Any of these half helmets can be a spoil for a superior selection. Wear the helmet for some few minutes before buying it, to ascertain that it doesn’t apply that unwanted, unnecessary pressure on any part of your head. So you can be sure to use your favorite Best Motorcycle Half Helmet as per your choice

    Check your budget how it agrees with the quality of your choice plus appropriate features, accessories, and functionality of your helmet. Make your motorcycling awesome once more with any of these brands.

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