Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet For 2019 – Top 5 Models Reviewed With Buying Guide


    There is a familiar line that goes like, safety starts with you, and this line applies to anyone, motorist's machine operator, even when cooking it applies. The Same case while you are on that motorbike. Every part of your body deserves ultimate protection any injury. For your head, you need a motorcycle helmet.

    Let's look at things this way, you are at risk of contaminating a deadly infection if you inhale some gas, maybe you can hold your breath but what if there is an option of a device that can help you breathe some clean air. This device in our case is the flip up helmet, protection with lots of cool features.

    The flip up helmets gives you the protection of a full face helmet and the flexibility of an open face. While making that trip upcountry to see Mum n Dad on a sunny day, I usually make a stop to quench myself by flipping the helmet up I do not have to get it off.

    Recommended Best Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

    The ILM 10 Colors Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet DOT is the helmet for everyone.

    It has the qualities that see to it meets the taste and preferences of different persons.

    DOT Approved

    We know what DOT does checking whether the helmets meet the minimum safety standards for safe use on the roads. The fact that this helmet is DOT approved means it means the standards, what you don't know is that it exceeds the minimum standard by far.


    So that it feels comfortable wearing the helmet, the manufacturer makes the Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet to be light weight. It weighs 3.7 pounds a weight your head can take comfortably.

    Dual Visors

    The Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet uses two dual visors to ensure that the sunlight does not send you crushing. An inbuilt visor takes care of small sun rays if it gets worse there is a drop down sun shield.

    Antibacterial And Odor Resistant

    A helmet liner gives the inner of the helmet the soft touch it needs not to hurt. As much as the liner is important, it can turn into a real turn off once it gets dirty. Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip-up Motorcycle Helmet liner is removable so that you can clean it up. Also, it is antibacterial and odor resistant.

    Lanxi Yema Motorcycle Fittings is a company that specializes in motorcycle fittings.

    All products from Lanxi Yema are high-quality products and so is their flip up helmet.

    Sleek Design

    The sleek design of the ILM Helmet uses the appropriate aerodynamics to see to it that when it meets the wind, there is minimal noise generation. The design is overall lightweight with intelligently placed liner and cheek pads so that they are removable.

    Anti –Scratch

    The helmet visor is anti- scratch, so it will maintain its perfect fine finish for a long time. I am one such person who is very sensitive with a clean finish and scratches disgust me.


    Black, blue, and silver are some of the various colors of the ILM helmet. The variety of colors sees to it that everyone gets the color that they like most or maybe a color that matches your bike.

    Wide View Visor

    The visor is a wide view visor for a maximum field of view. A wide field of view gives you the area coverage that you need for a safe ride. The visor is also anti- fog so you will not have to worry when winter comes.

    IV2 produces high-performance helmets that cover you great while on the road. IV2 is a leading helmets manufacturer.

    People never complain about the IV2 products. Consider getting yourself an IV2.

    Helmet Bag

    A helmet that comes together with the helmet makes things very easy when storing the helmet. The bag keeps the helmet clean and safe from scratches and oils.

    Thermoplastic Shell Technology

    The manufacturer uses advanced shell technology to come up with a durable and safe helmet. The shell is a thermal plastic hence it is a light weight helmet inside of the helmet is fiber reinforced with impact foam.

    Easy To Use

    IV2 Bluetooth Compatible Modular Flip-up Helmet some quick access air vents. To change the helmet from full face to open face you only need to push a button. The helmet is glove friendly so you can handle it with gloves on.

    Also, it is Bluetooth compatible, so you can communicate while on the road without the whole thing being extremely risky.


    Do not worry if you are female this IV2 helmet will suit you too. Many manufacturers produce products that are apparently feminist. IV2 helmets produce a helmet that you can share with you husband or wife or brother. The entire family can share a single helmet

    This helmet belongs to the same family of the previously mentioned Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up Motorcycle only that it is a small size and of the color white, unlike the previous color black and medium size. Else the performance is similar.


    The outer shell of the Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up Motorcycle, White is of ABS plastic. The ABS plastic is responsible for the light weight and also the durability of this helmet.

    Removable Visor

    The visor is removable and offers a wide view. It also has an inbuilt visor making it a dual visor helmet. If you feel that the major visor is standing in your way, you can remove it whenever you do not need it.

    Smooth Operation

    The buttons the manufacturer incorporates for operating the helmet functions smoothly and reliably. You will not be struggling with the visor and the flip up module.

    Advanced Ventilation System

    Ventilation is very important for all helmets it is a key determinant of the comfort of the helmet. Poor ventilation will get you all sweaty and feel like your head is in an oven. This helmet has ventilations that open and close as you wish.

    Featuring in this review is two IV2 helmets. The former is a xx large while this one is large.

    The whole point is I am trying to stress on the various size it is better this way.

    Bluetooth Compatible

    This IV2 xx large is a helmet that is Bluetooth compatible. You can now enjoy some cool music during the ride. You can call my brother big, and he is so much into music. This IV2 helmet is his favorite model of a helmet. Also, it facilitates for easy communication.

    Removable And Washable Interior

    Everything that has any material close to a piece of cloth requires cleaning. The interior of this IV2 xx large is removable to facilitate for easier cleaning. Thanks to the engineering team for including this cleanliness feature.


    The ABS plastic material is highly durable and also waterproof. The ventilations on the helmet are in such a way that whenever it starts raining, you can make the whole helmet waterproof.


    At this point I can come clean about the sizes, while this is the large model and we have also seen the xx large, there exists a variety of sizes of the IV2 helmet. The sizes range from small to the xx large.

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    Factors To Consider While Buying Flip Up Motorcycle Helmet

    Helmets require passing on some merits otherwise those that do not pass these merits are not on this list. See below here and make sure to create a checklist while making that purchase.


    All the manufacturer need to have in mind that when the helmet meets wind physics take charge and generate noise. The solution stands in the same physics so choose a helmet with a sleek aerodynamic design.

    Removable Liner

    Removable liners are a cleanliness measure. Being removable facilitate for regular cleanups to keep the liners fresh. The liner also helps keep the head and cheeks safe from shock.


    Check to see that the manufacturer offer the helmet in a color that you like. A variety of colors sees to it that the manufacturer meets your taste and preference. I prefer a helmet that matches my biking gear.


    Weight affects the comfort of the helmet. Ensure that you test the helmet before you purchase it that's how you will get the whole feel whether it weighs you down and feels comfortable.

    Final Words

    It is evident that the above-listed helmets have more than satisfying qualities. They have excellent qualities. You cannot call what I have for these helmets obsession or be a blind fanatic it is after carefully considering the necessary factors that I have become a big fan, and I need you to enjoy some quality features from quality helmets.

    You can call me Superman for saving you the trouble right when you need saving. With these helmets you are sure to get value for your money, affordability plus durability is equal to the value for your money. The ratings on these helmets match other higher priced helmets, and the reason is that they are a description of quality. Are afraid to dive bike? You must read some fearless quotes to increase you heart strength. Have a safe drive.

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