Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmet For 2019 – Top 5 Models Compared!


    Biking is unique in its own experience. If you are out for that adventure, the vivacious motion, the adrenaline rush, that fast-air spouting through your ear and the sensational thrill that riding comes along with, all this can turn out to be quite some amazing fun.

    But equally amidst that speed, comes some sense of risk to motorcycle riders. And wearing a safer helmet becomes imperative. Wearing your best adventure motorcycle helmet also bring you that great ambiance more especially if you get one that suits your taste.

    The jostle of getting the best friend in a quality helmet for your escapade can sometimes become confusing, given there are so many helmets out there that claim to provide what exactly you need.

    ​If you find yourself in such a situation, don't worry anymore. I review for you the very key points to take into account, value for your cash for that incredible optimized experience.

    Things To Consider When Buying The Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmet

    To get that right gear for your ride you will need to consider the shape and head size of your helmet. Take the measurement of your head to identify the right size for you. Some helmets come along with replaceable interior pads of different sizes that help in fine tuning the fit.

    A comfortable helmet is as good as the best helmet. Finding the right size will involve considering common head shapes; round, oval, intermediate oval and long oval. Most helmets are round oval.

    The following things should be considered when buying the best adventure motorcycle helmet.

    Fit For The Test

    Regardless of the color and model you want, it is important you try fitting the helmet to identify the one that fits perfectly; move your head up and down and sideways. Ensure you feel comfortable.

    It shouldn't apply too much pressure on any part of your head. Fitting enables the helmet to absorb the impact appropriately. Check out too if the strap when on is comfortable with you.

    Type Of Helmet

    Commonly there are four types of helmets you need consider; the full-face helmet, open face helmet, flip-up helmet, short helmet and motocross helmet. The full-face motorcycle helmet is much better in offering safety because it comes with a chin bar. Flip-up helmets tend to be appropriate for doing a tour, simply because you can easily get it off at the slightest of need.

    Safety Aspects And Other Features

    The visor type matters, check out the visor that comes with Anti-scratch and anti-fog spray including the anti-fog film strip. The helmet ventilation is critical; this will allow to breath more with ease.

    Ensure your helmet has enough quality vents for this purpose. Too many vents could at the same time make the helmet noisy. Chin bar vents, top vents, and exhaust vents are the most common in helmets. Remember, the best ultimate experience of the best adventure helmet can only be optimized and be felt while motoring.

    Consider too one with less weight and a face shield that offers high optimal clarity and moisture control. This is to avoid you agitating your face or head while on your ride. A comfortable ride is a compliment to a safe ride.

    Second Hand Could Be Second To Quality

    Buying second-hand motorcycle helmet could expose you to safety risks. This because you exactly might not know how much it has gone through, don't buy too much into a great color of a ‘second hand' helmet and its great look. The second-hand helmet might be on its death bed when it comes to not only quality but also meeting safety test standards at the time. You also don't want to rub your face against somebody's sweat for the long term.

    Accreditation Of Manufacturer

    Check out some of these approved manufacturers; the DOT and SNELL are safety certified brands in the USA, in Europe the ECE 22.05, in Australia the AUS 1698-2006. If your helmet has any of these brands, you are good to go.

    Recommended Best Adventure Motocycle Helmet

    Remember the fact that a helmet is expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's a quality one. Check out too peak sensitive helmets that will try to give shade to your eyes against sun rays.

    The visor could come in handy more especially for those sensitive to light. Any of these brands expect them to serve you justice and offer value for your investment.

    This helmet brings a new outstanding experience to the class of adventure motorcycle helmets. It is dedicated to ensuring maximum satisfaction of riding enthusiasts.

    This comes in the helmets all in one package emphasizing on safety, quality, comfort and convenience. You can never go wrong with this incredible user-friendly model.


    The LS2 Helmets Pioneer Trigger Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield comes in a shell built using latest modern technology; it embraces LS2's kinetic polymer alloy (KPA).

    This material makes it stronger but at the same time light in weight. It can absorb energy too. It is designed with a multi-density EPS safety liner for that outstanding energy absorption. The twin shield system built-in sun shield shades off your eyes from that bright sunny ride with a wide eye for major goggle brands fitting.

    Fitting And Safety Need

    It uses three shell sizes to allow for the user for it to fit perfectly to user, it is equally not as big. Take appropriate measurements of your head to identify the most convenient fit of a helmet for your head. It is a long oval fit that attains the DOT and ECE 22.05 standard ratings for safety.

    Face shield

    It has a face shield equipped with a pinlock technology that is optically better. This guarantees over 95% protection against harmful ultra-violet rays that cause skin cancer. This is beneficial to the health of the rider. In addition, it has an insert designed for fog resistance. This improves visibility in foggy conditions so as to avert potential accidents that might occur.


    It has a comfort pad that is not only has a hypoallergenic made fabric, but also one which is technical. It comes with vents to allow good air circulation while on, without allowing much air in to make it noisy. They make the riding so cool when it gets fast and tough.

    Usability And Convenience

    You can easily remove this helmet at the slightest point of need and wash it to maintain that fresh feeling. The LS2's Emergency Release System chin strap and its cheek pads allow you to quickly pull it on and off, for a fast breeze. The cheek pads are of high quality embracing the latest laser technology. The shield fog- free ability is aimed at resisting fog inhabitance to visibility, scratch, and UV effects too. Expect high optical standards with this product.

    This happens to be my preferred brand, it is easy to use and comes with that classy design helmet for a sense of style embrace of maximum safety and creative to your tastes and preferences.


    It comes through high standard security tests for safety of your ride. It meets the DOT and ECE 22.05 security rating standards. A multi-density EPS safety liner brings the unmatched energy absorption too for high optical security concerns.

    Visibility Convenience

    For more secure riding, visibility is critical; it has a wider eye port that ensures round the angle clear instant glance plus an ability to accommodate goggles of major brands for light regulation. It comes with a built-in screen too.

    Usability Needs

    LS2 Helmets Pioneer Solid Adventure Off Road Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield brings you an Emergency Release System cheek pads contour made using 3D Laser technology, cut from high quality foam for its chin strap, to allow quick put-on-and-off a quick breeze and incase of any emergency.

    Other Features

    It comes too with a shell built from LS2's kinetic polymer alloy. This makes it strong but still striking the balance for light weight. It is a 3-shell size for optimized fitting needs. The comfort pad comes in a hypoallergic fabric with technicality dedicated for great breathing. The shield is resistant too to scratch and UV effects..

    3. ScorpionEXO Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet

    It turns out to be the most amazing helmet too, ScorpionEXO Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet comes as a full-face helmet with an attached outer visor which you can easily remove it, but you remain with the most outstanding aerodynamic adventure helmet.

    Optical Needs

    It brings you an oversized eye port that is extremely wider to enhance round the angle marginal visibility including downwards. It is very easy too to flip up the modular chin bar for your fast reaction when necessary.


    Expect the speed view visor internally in-built, to keep you comfortable throughout your riding escapade thanks to its exquisite user-friendly design.

    Adjustment To Weather Conditions

    You can conveniently remove your non-fog ever clear face shield and literary use the helmet for off-road purposes.


    The Unisex-Adult Modular/Flip Up Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet, is made of three sizes of advanced LG polycarbonate and dual density EPS, these materials make the helmet light but also very strong and achieve the needed protection.

    You will get this helmet in two versions; the standard motocross helmet or the dual sports or adventure helmet. This gives the options in one model to choose from, even though they tend to strike similarity.

    Material Make

    The helmet is made of a lightweight polycarbonate shell for maximum strength in the absorption of impact and still easy to carry and wear around.


    It is DOT and ECE certified for that high-security rating; this is to ensure you get protection that you really need for your ride. This is accompanied by an integrated face shield.


    With the model, the system design dedicates it a velocity-flow ventilation system; this facilitates the free-flow of air allowing for further cooling of the helmet even at that high speed, at the same time bringing you that required comfort.

    Other Features

    It is made of 3 shell and EPS size for that fit which is personalized, it is purely tailored to your fitting requirements. You can control moisture trapped inside thanks to its removable and able to wash air channeled comfort liner. The mouth vent is adjustable too. You can easily pad your chin strap for that firm helmet fit.

    5. Zox Rush SFX Adventure Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

    This is one of my favorite; it comes as a full-face multi-purpose injection molded thermoplastic helmet. Expect it to suit any road adventure needs including off-the road demands. It is one of the best when it comes to street dirt, thanks to its easy to clean design. If you are that rider pushing beyond the peripheries, this is perfectly the right helmet for you.

    Ventilations And Safety

    The bell's free-flow ventilation system is dedicated to ensure you still get your fresh air while it's on but at the same time, remove that unnecessary moisture air out. This keeps you refreshed. The removable and washable liner including cheek pads are meant to ensure you still maintain sterile conditions in your helmet. You will be able to keep off those possible bacterial infections and do away with sweat.

    Design Suitability

    The lightweight polycarbonate shell of the helmet brings you three variant sizes, but at the same time striking a balance between being light for more comfort.


    You can change your Zox Rush SFX Adventure Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet, to a street one by just removing the peak visor. Style this helmet by replacing side pods where the visor mounts to the helmet for that top-notch stylish look.


    This is one helmet that will fit your needs perfectly. It is DOT and ECE certified, so you don't have to worry about its security standards.

    Final Words

    For your helmet to serve you longer and maintain its expected performance, Store your helmet away from fuel and highly regulated temperature zones.

    Don't hang your helmet on motorcycle mirror or suspend it next to the hot engine. This will help you maintain an outstanding durability. Don't wash your adventure helmet with harsh cleaners too; they could corrode its parts or leave it poorly freshened for your next ride.

    Advisably, if you are a learner rider, go for a lighter model instead of the heavier one. This is because maintaining balance on your ride is every compliment to a safe ride. Any of these models would serve you best.

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