Half Hemet – Benefits of Using Half Helmet

Over the years we’ve been used to full face motorcycle helmet when it comes to safety concerns of a rider. They are considered safer by majority of riders simply because they contain a rider’s head completely. You will agree with me that these kinds of helmets are heavy on one’s head and can cause a certain degree of discomfort.

Anyway, riders are left to bear the discomfort as long as one has a good time with a bike. The good news is that there is the half helmet model that’s quickly gaining popularity amongst riders due to its light weight and small size.

5 Best-Usually Benefits of Using Half Helmet

Benefits of Using Half Helmet

1.Offers comfort to the rider

Who doesn’t want to have a comfortable and stress-free ride? Half helmets offer a blend of the best comfort as well as safety. These helmets are made of incredibility light-weight materials, as a matter of fact, a typical half helmets doesn’t weigh more than 28 oz.

Basically, with less materials used to make up a helmet, the less it weighs Moreover, your face get exposed to the blowing wind which is in some type of way relaxing, rather than having your face locked up in a sweaty helmet, especially during the summer given the high temperatures.

But be sure to put your glasses on, you don’t want to cause an accident due to being exposed to dust and other elements that might hinder your vision.

2.Better vision

Look at it this way, your face is buried in a full face helmet you got no connection with the outside world; can’t hear nor see clearly what’s behind you. It might be a stray truck honking at you, or a cop pulling you over, you never know.

Whatever the case, with a half-helmet you are in more connection with the outside world. You can hear more clearly and with the great peripheral vision, you can see what’s behind you.

With full face motorcycle helmets, you have to strain a bit when looking around due to the visor which limits one’s vision. A better vision of your surrounding means a safe ride, it can’t get better than this. At the end of the day it’s all about one’s taste and preference.


Half helmets come in a variety of styles to choose from. You can choose the shell and chin strap, shell only half helmets. And for women riders, you can worry less about getting your hair messed up; you can actually ride your back to an evening hangout with your buddies without having to re-do your hair.

All these at an affordable price. As many riders do some painting jobs on their helmets to add taste, doing the same on the already stylish half helmet cannot be a bad idea.


The sole purpose of any motorcycle helmet is to prevent a rider from brain damage or fatal head bruises in case of an accident. And as the World health organization puts it in their road safety manual, road traffic injuries are a major health problem and a leading cause of death.

In one year nearly 1.2 people die as result of road crashes. Motorcycle and bicycle riders stand at a higher risk of being involved in a tragic crash since they share the traffic space with trucks and other fast-moving cars.in many cases, riders are less visible in traffic and lack physical protection this further raises the safety concerns.

Riding with a helmet you are better off than one without. With a good weather, most riders do not see the need of putting on a helmet, ending up in compromising their safety. All-weather helmet seems the most suitable name for the half helmets, I mean, no matter how hot it is, you won’t hesitate wearing one; the ventilation is good.

There are some that have a leather lining to provide some heat to the rider on cold days. You don’t have to compromise on your safety in any weather condition with a half helmet by your side.

5.Good ventilation

It goes without saying the breathability factor that comes with half helmets. Not hating on the full face helmet but, why have your face fully covered in a sweaty helmet? Not to mention you are already in heavy black leather riding gear and the unforgiving scorching sun is out in full wrath. You might just end up suffocating, for crying out loud.

Half helmets are simply made out of less but same material as a traditional full face helmet, meaning less material covering your head which provides a large surface area for air circulation. Even with the events on full-face helmets, the air circulation can be that good. Grab a half helmets on your next ride and enjoy the feel of blowing wind, especially when you on low speed.

Other benefits of the half helmets include:

  • Easy to communicate still with your helmet on.
  • Does not hinder your daily simple activities E.g drinking a glass of water it just like wearing a cap you even forget you got one.

Final Words

Safety is the primary concern when it comes to motorcycle helmets, no matter how crowd-pleasing a helmet may be if compromises your safety, that’s not the best helmet. The half helmet may not be a good choice for those who hate the sound of blowing wind but still want to feel it blowing.

Not to worry, you can invest in some earplugs which will allow you to feel the wind and block the noise as well. However, the decision to wear a half face helmet depends entirely on you. Most riders keep both the full face and half shell motorcycle helmets and get to choose the perfect one for the day.

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