Helmet Camera For Cycling

3 Reasons To Start Using A Helmet Camera For Cycling


    Do you cycle? If so, then you have definitely heard that there has been an increase in the number of people using helmet cameras while cycling. This is very true and I hope you will soon be one of them. The best motorcycle helmet will be one that comes with an already mounted camera. The camera will always come in handy in many different ways.

    These cameras may appear like a toy to some people, but they are very important to anyone who cycles. They come in handy in many and different ways. Here are a few reasons as to why you should start using a helmet camera for cycling.

    1. Court evidence

    Assuming you are involved in an incident as you cycle to work or back home, say being knocked off the bike or get involved in a crush. The normal scenario would be the case of ‘my word against your word’ right? It is in such a case that the helmet camera comes in handy.

    Helmet Camera For Cycling

    Once you have filled a case against the offender and taken to court, you can rest assured that you will win the case if you were innocent of any misdoing. Knowing that your helmet camera recorded the whole incident, you can easily whip out the footage and use it as court evidence. The footage will definitely be admissible.

    The footage will not only show the activities that took place, it will also show other important details such as speed. Clear cameras (like the ones that show the speedometer) will show the speed of the offender thus making it easy for you as the complainant. Just the thought of you having the footage of the whole incident gives you the confidence you need to file a case. This is definitely a good reason for you to be having a camera mounted on your helmet as you cycle.

    1. Proof of fault and negligence

    For those who cycle a lot, you have severally witnessed irresponsible drivers going scot free. These incidents have surely left you angry if not sad and hopeless. Such cases have made several cyclists to give up on cycling. Having a helmet camera will surely give you peace of mind. This time round you can actually prove that the driver was on the wrong and helping the offended party get justice.

    Once the incident has happened, you can always burn the footage on a DVD and present it to the police as you make your statement. The footage will serve as a permanent record of the fault. Such drivers will therefore not go scot free since you will have saved the day. The camera on your helmet may scare these negligent drivers as well. Once they notice that you are cycling with a helmet camera on, they will automatically try to start following the law. They too clearly know that the camera does not lie and that the video could be used against him or her.

    Helmet Camera For Cycling

    You could also prove your innocence using the footages. This is necessary especially when you are asked to pay a fine when you were not in the wrong. This will save you time since you will not have to argue with the police, and instead show him the footage. The footages will also prevent you as a cyclist from being negligent.

    Knowing that your own helmet camera could prove your offense will make you be extra careful while cycling. Therefore, using your helmet camera when cycling could help you as well as other cyclists come out of minor and major problems that they get into in their day to day rides.

    1. Record fun videos

    Isn’t it fun to know that you could record you ride home or to work with minimal effort? Well, helmet cameras will do this for you. The camera will record and store the video for you. You can always go home, review the video and even edit it. You will eventually come up with fun videos for you to share on your social media and with some friends. These videos could also be kept as memories.

    There are those important events that happened during your ride to work and you would like to remember them. You can always store the videos to watch them later. The videos could be used to remind you the terrain of an area. This is especially if you are cycling on a new terrain or on one that you rarely use. With the video, you can avoid that big rock you hit last time or that dangerous corner you took.

    You will always be prepared for the road. You could even share the videos with friends who are cycling on the terrain for the first time. This will help them be prepared for the new terrain and prevent some accidents. You can also use the videos recorded by the cam to improve your cycling skills. This will definitely make you a better cyclist.


    Final Words

    Apart from having a camera mounted on your helmet, think of having the best backup camera for your bike. This rear view camera will help you avoid black spots since you will have a view of the back as you cycle. This cam should have a wide angle and diameter to ensure it captures enough information. Remember to always turn on the cameras before you start cycling to ensure it serves the purpose. Now that you know why you should use a helmet camera, rush to the nearest store and grab one for yourself.

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