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Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up Motorcycle Review


Caution is better than cure, a common adage that never loses its meaning, especially when it comes to motorcycle safety. If motorcycle crash statistics are anything to go by, a majority of accidents take place due to inefficient motorcycle gears. A motorcycle helmet is the most important accessories and selecting one which offers exceptional protection and is equally comfortable is never an easy task.

Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up from the house of Lanxi Yema Motorcycle Fittings Co., LTD is one of the most versatile helmets available at a reasonable price of. It is one of the lightest helmets in its caliber and with an advanced air ventilation system, it outperforms other helmets and is definitely to be trusted for maximum safety while you ride your favorite bike.

Features of Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up Motorcycle

Futuristic design

Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up is designed to keep consumer comfort in perspective. At times, the regular helmets let a lot of noise escape in. However, the aerodynamic design of this helmet ensures minimal noise production while driving. The air ventilation system of the helmet is yet again outstanding in every aspect.

The helmet promises comfortable built and soothing ventilation. According to several reviews from the satisfied buyers, the vents prevent fogging of the visor, hence offering better visibility. One such review stated that the helmet stays cool owing to its exceptional ventilation system.

Dual visors

This helmet boasts of dual visors. One of it is in-built while the other one is a drop-down sunshield. Think of an event when you are riding on a hot afternoon; the sunshield would come to your rescue. The tinted glass this sunshield is made of ensures effective protection against sun rays offering enhanced visibility. The in-built visors are yet again exclusively designed to offer regular visibility.

The visors are easily movable and can be adjusted with an external flap. According to yet some positive consumer reviews, one consumer reported a counter-intuitive switch for the tinted visor. In other words, the visor moves opposite to the movement of the switch. However, it is an extremely small flaw and can be overcome considering the design and safety this helmet offers.

Lightweight built

The primary flaw with the mid-range helmets is the heavyweight design and specs. A heavier helmet is uncomfortable for those long-drives and is quite tedious to wear for the duration. However, Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up is exceptionally light-weighed and doesn’t compromise on performance or safety for the rider.

Rather, the aluminum-carbon fiber material used to design this helmet makes it a safer bet than other helmets of the segment. As per several reviews, the lightweight design this helmet offers is one of its best selling points and still, the helmet feels equally solid offering better protection.

Removable and washable liner

If you use your helmet regularly, it accumulates dust and sweat and starts to give a foul smell, causing much discomfort to your ride. After continued usage, bacterial deposition takes place causing foul odor and inconvenience for the rider.

However, Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up has no such issues, thanks to the inner material which is removable and completely washable. All you need is some water and microfiber and your helmet will once again shine as good as new. The fibre of the helmet is yet again an anti-bacterial agent that acts by preventing any kind of foul odour even after repeated usage.

  1. Lightweight design
  2. Innovative air ventilation system
  3. Aerodynamic design reducing noise production
  4. Dual visors, drop-down shield and built-in visor
  5. DOT approved
  6. Removable visor
  7. Washable, removable and antibacterial fibre.
  1. Inappropriate location of switches
  2. Counter-intuitive movement of the sunshield
  3. Large amount of chin-padding
  4. The tinted visor is not that clear

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Does this helmet come with a removable visor?

A : Yes. The visor is removable and can be detached as per the rider’s convenience.

Q : Is the inner fiber washable?

A : The inner lining of this helmet is washable and is anti-bacterial at the same instance. The inner lining can be removed for a wash and attached again to ensure comfort and cleanliness.

Q : Is the built-in visor movable?

A : Yes. The visor can move freely with the help of a switch. The sunshield too is movable with the help of a switch.

Final Verdict

When we speak of safety while riding motorcycles, helmets are the first accessory that comes to mind. This helmet delivers exceptional performance with safety and comfort uncompromised. The aggressive design is another plus to its innovative design. The dual-visors, removable fabric, lightweight and smooth switches make Yema Helmet YM-925 Dual Visor Modular Flip up an obvious choice for any motorcycle enthusiast. There can never be better reasons to recommend a motorcycle helmet.

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