Best Motorcycle Helmet – Guide & Reviews

Biking is not simply riding a given vehicle, it is more of the pulsating motion of revving up an adrenaline rush, the gushing wind rushing past the ears and the thrill one gets due to weaving through traffic at a neck breaking speed. It can be summed up as triumphing the road and feeling alive. However, suspending the body at high speed is characterized by a lot of risk.

It therefore, goes without saying that safety precautions such as owning and wearing best motorcycle helmets are a necessity and are part of good road safety practices. In addition, it is a style statement of any true biker as it creates the appropriate vibe and actually prepares the mind for the adventurous journey coming ahead. It is the ideal solid shield that will guarantee that the head is safe in case of the occurrence of an accident.

How To Choose Motorcycle Helmet

Bike helmet table

The human brain is undoubtedly the most critical as well as the most fragile organ in the entire human body. This is why it is essential to invest in a well-fitting, appropriate and safe motorcycle helmet. There are several things that a rider has to consider when selecting the right motorcycle helmet that will ensure their safety when an accident takes place.

Some of the notable things that one ought to consider when selecting the right motorcycle helmet are:

The Top 8 Best Motorcycle Helmets

The Application Of The Motorcycle Helmet

It is important to take into consideration the actual application of the motorcycle helmet. This is because there are different helmets for different purposes. For instance, there are elements that are just used for racing while others for purely strolling. Select a motorcycle helmet that has the appropriate features for the intended task or it may fail to be of much use.

The different applications include the following:

  • Competitive sports motorcycle helmets.
  • Mere window dressing motorcycle helmets
  • Casual and street riding motorcycle helmets.

Features Of The Motorcycle Helmet

It is wise to select a motorcycle helmet that has the specific features you need and that is comfortable to wear. The features include the quality of construction and level of comfort then user feels when putting on. This is because the last thing you want is to select a motorcycle helmet that you will keep removing due to discomfort. That will beat the purpose of even purchasing it to begin with.

Our Friend Moto Industry Council create a video about Importance of Real Helmets, See this video for importance of Real Helmet.

Features of the motorcycle helmets may include the following:

  • Reflective material
  • Sun visor
  • Quick release buckles
  • crosshairs
    Eject helmet removal system
  • crosshairs
  • crosshairs
    Reflective and tinted shield

Intended Budget For The Motorcycle Helmet

It is important to keep in mind that not all motorcycle helmets that are cheaply manufactured in factories to be priced cheaply. Most manufacturers price them according to their popularity. Generally, cheap motorcycle helmets should be strongly avoided as they fail to protect the head upon impact.

Checking the foam is key, this is because cheap motorcycle helmets have their foam exclusively glued to the helmet’s main body. The aim should always to work within a reasonable budget i.e. neither too high nor too low.

Safety Standards Of The Motorcycle Helmet

The safety standards of a motorcycle helmet are the most essential specification when making your selection. Safety standards are country-dependent. The correct information associated with the safety standards of a particular motorcycle helmet should first be obtained before making the selection.

The safety standards for motorcycle helmets include the following:

  • Dot helmet standard
  • ECE helmet standard
  • Snell helmet standard

Other considerations are as follows:

Open versus full face :

Open face helmets exposes the user to higher risk compared to full face helmets. Open face helmets require the rider have extra face and eye protection.

Material of manufacture :

It is advisable to invest in motorcycle helmets made of composite material such as carbon fiber or Kevlar as they are light in weight and perform well in crash situations.

Fit of the helmet :

When selecting a good motorcycle helmet, it is advisable to select one that fits well on the head and this can only be achieved through trying them out in the shop. This is because the shape of everybody’s head is unique to them. It should cover the forehead properly so that you exclusively see its edge when looking up.

Recommended Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

The HJC Helmets CL-16 Helmet is a wonderful and quality product from HJC. This classy motorcycle helmet is sold by and shipped from Helmet Country. It has the following interesting yet useful features:

Helmet standard

This magnificent helmet is both Snell helmet standard and DOT helmet standard approved to ensure your safety and that of your family and friends when enjoying a ride on your beloved motorcycle.


It is has a state-of-the-art poly carbonate composite shell that is responsible for its light weight and excellent fit. It uses the latest CAD technology to enhance comfort and guarantee fit. This is important as the fit and comfort of a motorcycle helmet is key to its safety.

Face shield

It has a face shield equipped with a pinlock technology that is optically better. This guarantees over 95% protection against harmful ultra-violet rays that cause skin cancer. This is beneficial to the health of the rider. In addition, it has an insert designed for fog resistance. This improves visibility in foggy conditions so as to avert potential accidents that might occur.

Rapid Fire Shield Replacement System

This is a feature that is simple to remove and install in case of a fire outbreak. This is a sure way to protect yourself from injury due to fire.

Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

This is a system that will facilitate proper ventilation to the rider. It does this by allowing airflow from the front to the back and by so doing, it eliminates both heat and humidity.

Speed Cool Interior

This is a convenient fabric that is anti-bacterial, odor-free, moisture-wicking and removable. It serves to maintain the sanitation conditions in the motorcycle helmet and therefore prevent infections that might occur due to dampness and bacterial presence.


It just weighs 5 pounds, this is easy to remove and put on. Size – It measures 15 × 11 × 11 inches. This is a convenient size that is portable. It is available in XX-Large size. Color – It is aesthetically appealing with a wine color.

The 1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike is a high performance motorcycle helmet that is sold by and shipped from Power Gear MotorSports. This top notch product meant for street bikes has several salient features, these are as follows:


This motorcycle helmet has a padding that is both washable and removable. This is convenient as it avoids dirt accumulation that might be a health hazard due to foul smell and bacterial accumulation. Such conditions are unhygienic and might result in undesirable infections. This padding ensures that the rider is comfortable and safe in the helmet.

Ultra Violet Protection

Ultra-violet rays from the sun are hazardous to the skin as they are carcinogenic. The 1 Strom motorcycle helmet has an appealing glossy ultra-violet protective finish. This serves as both an aesthetic feature and a protective one as well.


It is light in weight i.e. 5 pounds to ensure comfort when in use and portability. This enables the helmet to be easily put on and removed.


This trendy motorcycle helmet has a highly durable thermoplastic shell made of strong alloy material. This material guarantees protection in case of fire, scratches and even violent impacts. It therefore gives an all-round protection in case of an eventuality.


This helmet is designed to cut through the air efficiently as the motorcycle speeds on the road. Its aerodynamic feature is facilitated by its shape.

Helmet standard

This motorcycle helmet is DOT approved. This is a safety assurance for any rider who wears it on the road.


This street bike has a dual lens that is also of the flip up or advanced modular type. This is characterized by an outer clear shield and inner smoked lens. These are all efforts to improve visibility in challenging atmospheric conditions. Its dual visor shield serves to protect the eye from damage by the sun or other lights.


It is made in a beautiful MattBlack color that is very beautiful to say the least.

The IV2 Elite Series Advanced Modular Dual Visor Adult Helmet 953 is an artistic motorcycle helmet that is manufactured and sold by IV2 Helmets. It can also function as a snowmobile helmet, this means the buyer gets a product that has dual-functionality. This futuristic motorcycle helmet has a number of features that sets it apart from its competitors. These include the following:

Helmet standard

This motorcycle helmet has DOT approval. This means it has high safety standards. This implies that the rider can ride with their mind at ease as they are assured of their protection in case of an altercation on the increasingly volatile roads. This standard is indicated by a graphic on its back that is non-removable.


It is capable of converting from full face to open face and this is facilitated by its convenient 1-hand flip up system. This is useful as the rider can adjust it depending on the current need and general feeling.


The controls of this fascinating motorcycle helmet are both waterproof and glove-friendly. This basically implies that it can be handled with wet hands or when wearing gloves as it has high sensitivity settings. This will minimise interruption of activities in case the controls need to be handled while another activity is proceeding.

Inner liner

This helmet has an EPS inner liner with impact absorption capabilities. This is useful in case of an accident that delivers tough blows to the helmet in form of impacts.


This helmet has an interior that is completely washable and is easily removable. This is important for hygiene purposes as it avoids creating septic conditions that will expose the rider to diseases or infections.

Sun visor

It has a sun visor that is resistant to scratches and is easy to control as it is retractable by design. This protects the eyes from sunlight damage or from harmful lights. Its scratch resistance gives it longevity in service life.


This motorcycle helmet has a ventilation system that is advanced in both design and functionality. It serves to provide the best air flow which is facilitated by ten venting ports.


It has a convenient light weight that facilitates both portability and easy in operation i.e. putting it on and removing it.


It is made with a highly durable external shell that utilizes thermoplastic shell technology. This offers protection against fire and impact as well. It is therefore a comprehensive protection measure.


It comes in all sizes i.e. X-SMALL, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, X-LARGE and XX-LARGE. This caters for every size of individual who may be interested in suing the helmet. The package comes with a single brand new helmet and a helmet bag made of micro-fiber cloth material.

The Voss 888CF is a classic motorcycle half helmet that is manufactured and sold by Voss helmets. This conservative motorcycle helmet has an array of features that makes it a better option to its competitors in the market. These include:

Helmet standard

This motorcycle helmet is DOT certified. This is a good helmet standard as it guarantees safety of the rider to a great extent when he encounters an impact.


It is made of durable gloss carbon fibre or a fiberglass blend material shell that guarantees longevity in service life. This also ensures that all impacts or violent blows are properly absorbed. This will provide the rider with satisfactory performance without having to replace it.


The carbon fiber material that is used to make the motorcycle helmet in the BuiltLite series decreases the weight of the Voss 888CF Bullet Cruiser to approximately two pounds.

Sun lens

This helmet has a drop down lens with high maneuverability. In addition, it has an extra lens. The sun lens is meant to shield the eyes from the damaging effect of direct sunlight when riding on a motorcycle.


It has a liner made of microfiber material. It is easily removable to facilitate cleaning and offers optimum comfort on the head when put on. Furthermore, it has a quick release system made of a metal ratchet and a shell shape that is deep to ensure that the rider’s head fits well in it.

Aesthetic Value

Its glossy finish improves the look of carbon fiber on the motorcycle helmet. This contributes to its aesthetic value and contributes to its popularity. The glossy finish is generally easier to contain as well.


It is available in a range of sizes i.e. XS to XXL.

The Razor Full Face Youth Helmet is a sporty motorcycle helmet. It has the following unique features:


This helmet is a full-face type and is meant for the active youth age group. It is packages with additional pads that ensure the rider has both a secure and comfortable fit. This is key to safety on the road.


t offers excellent ventilation via its seventeen vents that ensure a cool environment inside the helmet. This guarantees that the rider is comfortable and breathes well.


Its visor is adjustable and has a strap. It has an eye port that has planet of room to allow the use of goggles. The visor is for the rider’s eye protection from the sun and the goggles facilitated with the spacious eye port protects the eyes from rush of air into the eyes.


It has light weight i.e. 1.8 pounds which makes it both portable and easy to handle.

Helmet standard

This helmet complies with all CPSC standards. This gives the rider a peace of mind with regard to safety.


It can accommodate head diameters that range from 21.5-23 inches. This basically encompasses ages 8-14 years

The Yema Helmet YM-925 is one of the cool flip up motorcycle helmet with a sporty look. It is manufactured and sold by Yema Helmet. It has the following interesting features:


It has an ABS shell that is highly durable to guarantees longevity inn service life.

This ensures that the rider makes less replacement and this is beneficial in such tough economic times.


It has dual visors which have drop down sun shields that are built-in. This protects the eyes from the direct sunlight while riding.


It has an exemplary aerodynamic design that serves to reduce noise and cuts through the air with less resistance. This is useful when speeding on the road as it enables the rider to achieve high speeds.


It has a liner that is resistant to odor, it is antibacterial, washable and removable. This helps to maintain hygiene conditions in the motorcycle helmet.


It is equipped with an air ventilation system that is advanced in operation. This enables good air circulation inside the helmet so that the rider is comfortable.

Helmet standard

It is DOT approved. This is an helmet safety standard that is globally accepted. This gives the rider peace of mind when riding on the road.


It has a visor that is both extra wide and removable to protect the eyes from direct sunlight.


This motorcycle helmet is available in various sizes. These include S, M, L, XL and XXL. This covers various head sizes of individuals and ensures everybody is taken care of.


It has light weight i.e. 3.7 pounds which makes it both portable and easy to handle.

The Vega X888 Full Face Helmet is motorcycle with an ultra-modern design and has the following unique features:​​​​


It is available in various aesthetically appealing colors which are characterized by gloss black, red daisho graphics and flat black. This makes the helmets attractive.

EPS Foam

It has an EPS foam with dual density to offer optimum protection on impacts. This is because it offers excellent cushioning to the head.

Helmet Standard

This magnificent helmet is DOT helmet standard approved to ensure your safety and that of your family and friends when enjoying a ride on your beloved motorcycle.


It has a quality ventilation system that is characterized by vents that can be adjusted on the top and mouth areas. The rear and cheek exhaust vents function to pull air into the helmet. This offers optimum air flow to improve comfort inside the helmet. The vents are sold separately and are replaceable.


It is equipped with an anti-bacterial fiber of the wick-dri type. This serves to offer comfort and to maintain hygiene inside the helmet.


It has a standard shield with nine different mirrors that are tinted and a clear external shield.


It is available in different sizes i.e. X-small and XX-large to ensure a perfect fit on riders. This motorcycle helmet has a manufacturer defect warranty but it is not inclusive of tear and wear, crash damage and abuse or improper use.

The TORC T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet is a quality motorcycle helmet with the following interesting features:


It is light in weight and this facilitates portability and easy operation.

EPS Foam

It has an EPS system with dual density which is characterized by a liner padding that is laser contoured. This is in a bid to offer optimum comfort to the rider.


It has an internal sun visor with a SmoothLock drop down capability to protect the eyes of the rider from direct sunlight.

Shell Base Profile

It has a unique shell base profile design with a neck brace that covers from back to front. This enables the motorcycle helmet to size fit most riders.

Helmet Standard

This motorcycle helmet has both DOT and ECE approvals. This means it has high safety standards. This implies that the rider can ride with their mind at ease as they are assured of their protection in case of an altercation on the increasingly volatile roads.

Inner Liner

It has an inner liner that is both machine washable and fully removable. This facilitates easy cleaning so as to maintain hygiene conditions in the helmet.


It has a shell which is Bluetooth integrated. This facilitates communication between riders themselves and riders and passengers. It is a useful feature that minimizes disruptions when on the road and therefore avoids accidents.


I recommend that interested clients should buy any of the above best motorcycle helmets. They are readily available on market at affordable prices that come with various interesting offers that might interest customers. All of them have their unique features that appeal to different people so selection is purely a matter of personal preference. Buying any of the above best motorcycle helmet is a worthwhile decision as they are quality for money.